Friday, January 6, 2012

Some favorites from 2011....

I was originally going to show a collage of all my projects from 11',
but that is too much work for this coughing/sneezing/sniffling gal!

Instead I decided to pick a favorite project from each month. 
It was harder than you might think to just pick one, here they are:

1.  In January I made a lot of card packs, this one was my favorite.
2. A Scrapbook layout of my beautiful Grandma in her younger years.
3. The toddler quilt I made for S's big girl room.
4. The name cushion which would go on top of the quilt.
5. My bird family portrait painting.
6. A bolster pillow re-cover with hand embroidery for the guest room.
7. Big sister shirt for the big sister.
8. The Air balloon and sunshine canvas' for the nursery.
9. The Owl Iphone case... my most viewed post to date!
10. My Homemade diaper bag, which is still getting a lot of use.
11. The pincushion frame tutorial.
12. My t-shirt repurpose....another post coming soon with the skirt/ruffle onesie!

I am pretty happy with all I've accomplished in the last year...I've already started on some lovelies for this year and I can't wait to share them with you!!

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