Friday, August 31, 2012

Alternative to the Owl

I needed a quick project to do the other day, so I whipped up another Iphone case.
It is nice to have an alternate to switch it up a bit, although I do still love my Owl Case!

I'm really liking the pattern. The stitching isn't perfect...fine with me, it adds character!
And I'm loving the color combination.

Happy Friday!
P.S. Can you believe it's already September tomorrow? ...crazy.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The final chapter of the pink T

Recognize something?...
Remember this shirt?...

... originally from the T's to tanks post. 
Well it was a smidge to tight on me so I decided to make it into a dress for the girlie. Just a bit of trimming and sewing down the sides and it is transformed once again.

 Cute right? Much better than a too tight shirt on me!
I swear I'm done with this shirt now! After this dress, the bracelets, and the applique I am done!

I also wanted to share with you what happened later that same day, 
we received these little guys in the mail...

 Aren't they so cute!! 
Kay (of Jerry and Kay)had made some turtles like these for her grandchildren and I thought they were adorable. Since I can't crochet/knit I thought I'd ask if she would make and sell me one. She made my day when she told me she would not only make one but two! ...and she didn't want to sell them to me she wanted to do a trade (for one of my cup cozies.. which is coming soon Kay, I promise!). 
It was such a fun surprise in the mail! The girls have been loving on these lil turtles ever since.

S has picked the purple one to be hers, and has named her 'slow poke'.

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

insta-pics #24

1. Was pleasantly surprised in Walmart last week, bought the Hunger Games and had a movie night.
2. My mom-in-law rounded up some fresh veggies from her garden for us, so yummy!
3. Crazy hair... gel of choice/ styling agent = chili.
4. Kitchen table has been taken over.
5. My sweeties.
6. We got a little friend in the mail this week (post coming soon).
7. On Thursday, the girls and I had a day in the city with my mom-in-law. We went shopping and spent some time at the zoo. Lucy the elephant was out for a walk and we got a close-up look.
8. The best breakfast ever. Saw this idea on the show 'Eat Street': make French Toast out of a hotdog bun and fill it with breakfest sausage, pour on syrup (like you would ketchup) and eat like a hotdog....yeah it's amazing! (just don't look at the calorie count, haha)
9. Playing at the park yesterday, T once again was being a monkey and started climbing a ladder. She is my wild child!

Happy Sunday!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

DVD case to Doodle Pad

I had pinned this project awhile back and had wanted to make this for S. Specifically for our many trips to Saskatchewan to see my parents. Stacey Vaughn offers a great tutorial to make one (read her updated version for some great tips that I didn't read til after I was finished, haha).

I chose a bright frog prince/castle piece of scrapbook paper from the stash and cut it down to fit the case. I then simply doodled on a title, don't want it mixed up with my dvd's!
Another thing, I didn't personalize it so T can use it when she gets older! 
If they fight over it, I'll make another one!

Unlike Stacey's I used double fold bias tape around the top of my pocket and glued into place.

It definitely came in handy on the road trip! S loved it. 
She did like to doodle her own creations but to change things up a bit I had to draw a few pics for her to color in (ie. the cat and mouse above). There's only so much scribbling a toddler can do on a blank page!

 It was a hit! Definitely worth making if you are traveling with a lil artist! 

I also think this would make a great craft for an older child (minus cutting out the dvd circle), I can see myself making this a few years down the road with S and T and their friends!

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

insta-pics #23

1. Nothin'makes a piggy face quite like squishing your nose against glass,  haha.
2. Found this adorable vintage 2 piece set for S at the thrift store.
3. I was able to spend some time drawing in my sketchbook! This saying has been in my head lately so it inspired this little doodle.
4. Added a couple more kids to my crew and we had an afternoon in the kiddie pool. Of course we had to stop for a  popsicle break.
5. The fair came to town and S was finally tall enough to go on the rides. She had an absolute blast!
6. She even got her face painted for the first time, she was so tickled that she started dancing up the midway, silly girl.

Yesterday we had family pictures taken (finally!) so I hope to share some of those with you soon! Happy Sunday!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

toddler dress from ladies shirt

 Here is the most recent re-fashioned shirt. I turned one of my shirts into a little girls dress (somewhat like this one). Here's the before and after:

I just simply cut off the sleeves, cut each shoulder and then tied them back together, and added three heart appliques (which were still some leftovers from the pink shirt used in this refashion and the fabric bracelets). 

She loves it, it's so comfy and breathable, nice for a hot summer day!

Check out my other t-shirt refashions here , here, and here!

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Monday, August 13, 2012

insta-pics #22

I've been away again. I was back in Saskatchewan visiting my parents, but you didn't notice because I was actually organized enough to have some scheduled posts for ya! Here's what I've been up to:

1. T was given a water table from auntie for her birthday, it is a hit!
2. I had an afternoon shopping with my mom (without the kids). We went in her convertible. So much fun!
3. A total surprise, my sister's water broke when we were at my parents cabin and a few hours later my sweet niece was born (3 weeks 2 days early, so totally unexpected). P.S. her middle name is Justine!!!
4. Brunch out with my non-techy parents....caught them both texting instead of be fair it was after the baby was born so they were spreading the news, haha.
5. Another breakfast out with just our family of four...S insisted on wearing her new sunnies and she was so hungry she started eating the peanut butter with a spoon.
6. Our girls both did great on the drive to and from my parents. I just had to share this one of the cool dude.

...and one day late, so Happy Monday!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Scrappy bracelets

Out of the leftovers from one of my t's to tanks I decided to make a couple of bracelets.  I just loved the shade of pink and I thought I can make something out of even the smallest of scraps, right?
For one bracelet I used the serged edge scraps and just simply braided them. I finished that bracelet off with a loop and two straps held together with a wooden bead, which you slide to make the bracelet bigger or smaller.
For the second bracelet I followed this weaving technique, but it looks slightly different because I had to knot small strips together (hence the knots along the bracelet). I don't mind the look, it's slightly rugged and distressed because of it. 

Hope you have a great weekend!!

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pleated Clutch

Charm Stitch offers a tutorial (and pattern) to make this super cute pleated clutch. It looked like an easy project so I figured I'd make one for myself, one for a gift, and one for S (for her birthday, to hold her pretend make-up). I love how they turned out! 
Can you guess which one is for the girlie?

Yup, the owl one. So cute!

I wanted to make myself one for in my purse as my 'mommy essentials' case. With things such as kleenex, bandaids, snacks, hand cream, and even some bug repellent wipes. I wanted to be able to transfer these things easily from purse to purse, and this definitely does the trick!  

 After I used it for a couple of days I decided to add ribbon pulls on all of them. It's easier to pull the zipper and I think it adds some more charm to the clutch.
 Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

insta-pics #21

1. Remember I went to Mary Poppins last week, this is a pic of the crew that went: my mom-in-law, my sis-in-law and four of her kids (and me of course!). It was a fantastic  show!

2. S and I went to the grocery store alone, she was happy to help and wheel around the basket.

3. While out for a walk this past week, a momma moose and her two babies freaked me out by running beside me, a hedge of trees between us, but still too close for comfort. I had the girls in a stroller and didn't quite know what to do if she decided to charge so I froze. They then cut in front of me and ran down the walking path (trying to find a way out of the residential area). After I knew we were out of harms way I tried to take a pic.... and it's brutal, but if you look really hard you can see two little dots (the babies) in the middle of the path and a darker shadow on the side (the momma).

4. Little miss couldn't stay awake any longer while at the park.

5. We had a pizza party picnic lunch at the spray park this week with a bunch of friends. Notice T's hair-do, first time with pig tails!

6. If you thought I had a thrill seeking 13 month old last week...check this out...yup, climbing up the slide. Thanks to the big sis for that!

Happy Sunday!

Friday, August 3, 2012

T's to tanks

  I have had a bag of clothes needing to be altered sitting in my craft room for quite sometime. When I stumbled upon this tutorial on pinterest from Wobisobi. It inspired me to get some of those old shirts out that were screaming for a new life. The top picture is using one of  Anne's tutorials the  three braid racer back tank. For the next two I just took the scissors to some shirts and made some easy tank-tops no sewing required.
(I did make the easy halter top too, from wobisobi, but forgot to take before pics.)

This next one was inspired by cotton and curls who refashioned a mens polo shirt 
so the buttons would be in the back.

I have another one that I altered but it required more than just cutting with scissors. 
I'll  share it with you soon! 
By the way, can you believe it's already August??! Where has the summer gone?