Sunday, March 31, 2013

insta-pics #46

Busy, that's what I've been. 
Besides not touching the blog in awhile I also have not been instagraming much lately. (only 9 pics for almost a month,yikes)
Although what I have been doing is vacationing,unpacking, decorating, and playing.

1. Remember this growth chart that I made last year? Well I measured both girls for a third time and they are growing like weeds.
2. On a road trip to meet my parents so that they could watch the girls while hubby and I went to Cuba!! (sorry no vacay insta-pics)
3. Bought a new rug.
4. Always playing dress-up around here, my lil hula girl.
5. Got new curtains.
6. Made S a little reading nook in her closet complete with tinkerbell wall decals, tons of cushions and a small touch light that hangs on the wall.
7. We had our first rubber boot wearing day this past week. There's still snow though (sad face).....and there will be for awhile yet (even sadder face).
8. One morning S said, 'Mommy look! My teddy bear is peeing in your coffee!'. haha funny kid.
9. My good friend (and Hubby's cousin) was over to pick out music for the Sunday morning church service which her and my hubby will lead. It was a great morning filled with music, coffee and a good chat.

Hope you have a very blessed day and week.
Happy Easter.
Rejoice for He has Risen!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Making old, new: nightstand #2

I bought the above nightstand at a garage sale last summer for $1...
you heard me, ONE dollar! Yup, amazing deal. 
Of course the forest green wasn't my favorite and it was a little beat up, but I was willing to give it a little tlc. 
(It just took awhile to get around to it, good thing I had the move as motivation)

I had also bought the stool below at another garage sale (for $2) and decided to redo it at the same time.

I decided to paint both of them a nice robins egg blue.

After painting, I distressed the nightstand slightly with some sandpaper.

I was planning on replacing the hardware but when I took it off I realized it was covering a couple of holes, so I decided to stick with the same handle. 
It actually has grown on me and I like it now, especially with the new color.

Both the nightstand and the stool have made their way into S's new room. 
She really likes having a place to set her water and books at night as well as the help to get up on her bed.

On a sidenote: The quilt on her new bed was made by me. 
But not recently, I actually made that in Highschool for home ec. class, neat huh? 
Glad to be able to use it in my little girls room.

Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Washi Tape Candle Holders

A few weeks ago I recieved an order of washi tape in the mail (so excited). I couldn't wait I had to use it some way, some how.
So I made these cute little candle holders.

To do this super easy project you will need:
Washi tape
cleaned baby food jars (with label removed)
a craft punch
wax paper

Here's a quick picture tutorial for ya,

Stick your washi tape in strips to a length of wax paper. Make sure it is long enough to wrap around the jar (My band was 3 widths of tape). In the center punch out your image. Then carefully peel off the washi tape and wrap around the jar, cutting off any excess. 
That's it, throw a candle in and light it up!

 Or... I was thinking these would be really cute gifts if you filled them with candy and decorated the lid too. 
Also using larger jars would be cute too...the options are unlimited.

I also decorated my laptop with washi tape. I just love it!

Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Chickens made cute.

I apologize if you are one that likes chickens, I absolutely do not. 

For one, all birds just really creep me out. 

They are twitchy and could swoop at your head at any given time and you would not know til that thing is upon you. Pecking away with flapping feathers in your face, oh the horror....
And speaking of heads, I grew up on a farm and seeing a headless chicken running around doesn't make you fond of em'.

Second, from a decorating stand point the whole chicken craze is just too country for my taste.
OK. I don't like chickens, moving on....

Anyways, when I saw these wooden magnets in a 'free' basket at a local store, I knew at once that I would revamp them.

I grabbed some rub-ons and acrylic paint (both of which I had in my craft room so this project was totally free!), 
and got rid of those poor little chickens while watching a tv show (I think maybe, New Girl).

 I added a cut off brad to the pink one, it just needed a little more pizzaz.

Turned out pretty cute right?
... unless you thought the chickens were cute then I just messed up a perfectly good chicken magnet.
I ended up giving away the first one at my Favorite Things party (yup, I hosted one of those and it was a blast! Post coming soon) and the other I am keeping for myself. I just love the poem on it.

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

It's been awhile. (insta-pics #45)

I figured insta-pics was the best way to catch you up on what I've been up to.
Let's get started shall we?

 1 and 2. The kids have been sick. Ugg, if it wasn't one thing it was another....they are almost back to full health (except both still have a nasty coughs, atleast we are done with throwing up!).
3. Valentines Day breakfast (Ya, I know where have I been? That was awhile ago.)Easy Peasy toast cut with a cookie cutter with strawberry jam on top!
4. The girls got little stuffies from us. S got Woody from Toy Story and T got Pascal from Tangled.
5. T busy coloring.
6. Registration is open for a run that is on my goal list for this year....note to self: I still need to sign up!

7. Started making some fabric rosette necklaces that I am going to be selling soon.
8. While on a drive we were so close to the mountains, yet so far away. So pretty, this stretch of highway is one of the most relaxing for me.
9. Oh yeah, did I mention WE MOVED! ....AGAIN! ...hoping to be posting more about that soon. It's been a busy couple of weeks.
10. My crazy/silly girl dressed up so sweet.
11. No longer a baby, we moved her to the toddler bed....and S is now in a single bed.
12. Yesterday was Dr. Seuss's birthday and our library had some kids activities going on... Of course we couldn't leave without a Lorax mustache!

Happy Sunday!