Sunday, June 24, 2012

insta-pics #17

1. Popsicles, the perfect afternoon snack...although I wish it was nice and sunny so they could enjoy them on the deck!
2. I am tickled that I finally found The Lorax book (I almost ordered it online). I got all three of these Dr. Seuss books at a garage sale for $1 !!! I was soo happy!
3. T turned ONE this week!
4. Got a new nail polish color (a little feel good).
5. Setting up for the official b-day party that will be happening this week.
6. Upgraded baby to a 'big girl carseat' she loves being able to look around.

Happy Sunday!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Yesterday baby girl turned ONE! 
I just cannot believe how fast time seemed to speed up more once T made her appearance last year. Remember my post announcing her, it seems like I just wrote that!

Our sweet little T is such a character. She makes us laugh all the time with her sugar coated smiles, her sassy little yells, and her silly sounds (and believe me she knows she's being silly, she's a bit of a show off). With big sister showing her how it's done, her attitude has already blossomed (yikes, age two might be challenging, haha). She isn't walking yet and still has no teeth (I can't believe it! S had a full mouth by now) but these baby milestones will come. Until then I still have my baby (smile).

She is such a blessing and definitely brightens my world! 
Love you Baby and Happy First Birthday!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm at a party...

I have skipped over to One Dog Woof today for her 'Party In my Tummy' series
(have you noticed that lil button on my sidebar?)

I am doing a guest post for her, showing off my mad baking skills....
ha, well sort of, I am sharing the bread recipe that I use all the time.
Go check it out Here.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

insta-pics #16

Sorry I didn't have time to do my insta-pics last week. And this week I didn't take many pics, so here are the two weeks combined:

1. Moving Day! ......Even after our garage sale we still have too much stuff!
2. S was babysat for moving day, but T was my lil packing buddy...for the record she was in a horrible mood all day, she should have went to Auntie's too!
3. Princess T, she was so proud of her crown, haha.
4. Hubby and I had a day alone last Saturday in the city. We went for lunch at Milestones and had the Top Chef Canada menu items. Soo good. It is one of our favorite shows to watch together (that's where we got T's name even) so it was fun to try the food.
5. My two cuties helping me get groceries.
6. Nothing beats a good manicure, my two year old agrees!

Hope you all have a great day celebrating the special daddies/papas/grandpas in your life!! Happy Sunday!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Story of Us Coloring Book

While I was packing to move I found our wedding box (filled with photos, programs, special mementos, etc.). Since it was just our anniversary on Saturday, I decided to peruse through it and I came across this:

I made these coloring books to give to all the kids that would be at our wedding, along with a little baggy of crayons. Even if you attended our wedding you might not have seen these if you did not have a child with you. It was fun to draw out the story of us, a great project. Have a look:

Cute huh?

It was as simple as:
- Using a computer to print out pages with the words.
- drawing the pictures in pencil and then outlining with a sharpie.
- Take the pages to a photocopier and make however many copies.
- fold the sheets in half, assemble the book, and staple at the spine.

And it was such a hit with all the kids, who sat and colored during the toasts and such.
It was neat to stumble upon this and I'm glad that I could share it with you.
It's such an easy project.  I was thinking about making personalized ones like these for the girls (for a road trip, special vacation, or just for fun). 

linking to:
Sugar and Dots

Thursday, June 7, 2012

What I Wore: On Our Wedding Day

Well it is my hubby and I's 5th year anniversary this weekend! 
I can't believe it, time flies...

When I saw the Wedding: What I Wore post over at One Dog Woof, I thought I don't do 'what I wore' posts, but I liked her idea.  Especially when my anniversary was coming up. So here it is my What I Wore: On Our Wedding Day!

Our wedding was neither extravagant or expensive compared to most out there. But to me and the hubby it was perfect and just what we had wanted.

I wore an Alfred Angelo strapless a-line ivory dress (Here it is online).  
Which I bought off of the rack and it didn't need alterations! I love me a good deal!


There is beautiful bead work mostly on the chest and going down from the waist . It has a yellow/gold sash across the waist and a small jeweled broach in the middle. 

It has a beautiful lace overlay (my favorite part) and it continues at the bottom of the dress to make a small train.

My bouquet was made up of roses, Gerber daisies, lilies,  chrysanthemums and normal daisies. The colors of the wedding were pink, green, and white.

My mom made all three flower girl dresses and my sisters Maid of Honor dress. 
We only had one attendant each so she was my one and only bridesmaid.

We had three nieces around the same age so we didn't want to have to pick and choose, so all three were included.

As for the guys, Hubby had a yellow/gold vest and tie to match my sash and I made our best man wear pink...sorry Jordy! He took it like a trooper, haha.

Some other details:

My hair was done by a local hair dresser and wasn't anything to fancy. I did my own make-up, but I cried a lot (emotional wreck over here!) so by the time we did the photoshoot I basically had none left, ha.

As for the traditional:
Something Old - My moms necklace from when her and dad were married
Something New- my shoes, simple gold sandals from Le Chateau
Something Borrowed - Was supposed to be my friends headpiece, but was never used.
Something Blue - My garter.

Happy 5th Anniversary honey!! Here's to many more fun filled years spent together!
Love You Tons!

On another marriage related note...
A friend shared this post on facebook about a month back and I think it is fabulous! Lydia Netzer shares 15 ways to stay married for 15 years. If you have time, hop over and read the post. It's worth the read.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012



 Is it snack time? 
How about some Crescent Roll-ups?
If you happen to have a tube of crescents in your fridge this is such an easy, quick and yummy snack. It's so versatile too, you can use whatever filling you want!
I have tried pepperoni and cheese filling dipped in pizza sauce, suggested by the lovely Becky B.
And my friend Amy over at Love on High Heat has gone all fancy and tried Buffalo Chicken Blue Cheese & Roast Beef Provolone. (Her food always looks ah-mazing, I think I should hire her as my personal chef, interested Amy? haha.)

Anyways the fillings I used were:
Smore inspired- Graham Cracker, Chocolate, Marshmallow
Peanut Butter, Chocolate,  Banana

 The Smore Roll-up

 The Peanut-choco-nana Roll-up

Another perk to these goodies was that S could help put all the ingredients on the crescent and I rolled them up. T watched longingly from her seat, poor baby, atleast she had puffs to chew on.

I put them on parchment paper to make sure they wouldn't stick. There are 8 crescents in a tube so I made 4 of each kind. The smore ones were harder to wrap up because of the cracker edges (I have since been told maybe I should have crumbled up the cracker, duh!). Anyways those ones opened up a bit, but it wasn't a huge deal.

After they cooled we dug right in.

We were lucky because my favorite was the banana peanut-choco-nana and S liked the Smore. Of course we saved a couple for when daddy came home. Although he missed out because they were way better fresh out of the oven! 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

insta-pics #15

1. In preparation for the move, hubby and I went through our closets. These bags are headed to the thrift shop.....purging feels Awe-some!
2. While packing I came across this old musical carousel horse from my younger years, S thought it was beautiful and couldn't keep her eyes off of it.
3. It's officially summer when the kiddie pool comes out and baby can wear her bathing suit outside. Smile.
4. Yesterday we had a garage sale (purging some more, see point 1). It went really well, I look forward to spending some extra 'fun' money.
5. Little girl picked a dandelion. So sweet.
6. This morning we finally put in sod. S and her friend enjoyed running around on the new grass this afternoon.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Dutch Girls, Finished.

 Remember way back in January when I shared with you that I had started a Dutch Girl embroidery piece. Well I finally finished it!

It feels so good to have this done. The piece of fabric the embroidery is on is perfect to cover up my bread dough while it rises. It is a huge piece of cloth and can cover all four loaves. Having the cute embroidery on it is just a sweet bonus!

Speaking of embroidery, you may have seen these vintage iron-on embroidery patterns in amongst my garage sale finds from this post.

 I have been keeping my eye out for some these and I was so excited when I spotted them in amongst old craft supplies. At ten cents a piece, they were mine!