Saturday, June 11, 2011

Recovered Bolster Pillow

I found two bolster pillows at a recent garage sale for for only 50 cents for the pair! I was super excited to re-cover them (especially at that awesome price!). I had originally planned on just covering over top of the existing fabric but realized that they actually had a nice white cushion inside:


... and after looking through my fabric stash I came across this fabric (which happens to be the ends of my hemmed kitchen curtains, another money saver):

I didn't even have to do any cutting at all I just simply folded the fabric in half (because it is quite sheer) and went to work hand embroidering the word 'Relax' onto what would be the front of the pillow (the middle of the fabric square):

I then wrapped the fabric around the cushion** (right side touching the cushion, wrong side out) and pinned the two edges together making a line of pins horizontal to the lettering (sorry no picture of this step). I then sewed along the line of pins removing them as I went a long.

**Note: Since the fabric I used was curtain leftovers the two raw edges on either end of the cushion tube were already hemmed, so if you are doing this with a normal piece of cut fabric you'll want to hem those edges before doing this step.

Turn the tube right side out and stuff your cushion in, tie each end with some decorative ribbon/string and Tadaa a totally new looking bolster pillow!

Cost of the project:
thrifted cushion> 25 cents
fabric (leftover material from curtains)> free
embroidery floss (on hand)> free
Sassy strands decorative string (on hand)> free

new bolster pillow = basically 25 cents!...not bad, not bad at all!

This cushion is making it's way to the guest bedroom which will hopefully be revealed soon!

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  1. Brilliant!! You're so clever!!

  2. Hey Justine, very cool! I'm amazed at your patience - those letters look like hard work! Any chance you'd like to pass on the original covers to me?? They'd fit my funky velvety style quite nicely :-D


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