Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Scrabble Ornaments and Christmas Kisses

 After making some of the big crafts for home made Christmas it was nice to make a couple small easy ones to throw in with some of the presents. Like these scrabble name ornaments.


Unlike the retro game board (70's) that I had bought for the scrabble wall art this set was from the 1950's. It was in great shape, I even kept the instruction sheet it was pretty neat.... I should mention that it was only $0.25!

 For teachers gifts for both S's preschool teacher and classroom aid I used the FREE printable offered from Bloom Design for these cute little kiss-mas treat boxes.

Both the chevron washi tape and the clear boxes were from Pick your Plum.

More home made gifts still to come!
Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Painted Presents

 My sister requested something home decorish so I decided to do up a canvas for her as part of her gift. 
I loved this FREE chalkboard printable from The Elli Blog and figured I would recreate it in gold. 
I really really liked the finish product and might just make one for myself.

I also did an inspirational canvas for our niece. 
I loved the wording and loose writing from this print.

Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Dollys for the Dollys

 I read somewhere that every little girl should own a homemade doll. 
So I decided to make one each for my girlies and my niece this year for Christmas.
I used the Ruby Lou Doll Pattern by Sew Much Ado which I had bought in a pattern bundle last year. I was so excited to make them and the pattern was super easy to follow and all three dollies came together rather quickly.


I also made some aprons for the dolls which were left over from panels for kids size aprons.


And I finally used those embroidered squares (remember from WAY back when?!) and sewed together a little dolly quilt for T (I had already made a dolly quilt for S back in the day, so T needed one). 

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, January 6, 2014

2 0 1 4

Like last year I figured I would write up some of my resolutions here on the blog.
 It actually helped me to have them written in simple one word concepts. 
I would like to continue to do the things from last years list but I'm adding a few more.
So here is the list for 2014!

In general get rid of clutter/stuff/junk/excess that keep my thoughts from being occupied with what really matters....plus we move a lot so hoarding shouldn't be priority.

I would like to spend more time in the Bible and to pray more. I know a few prayer warriors that are truly inspiring and I would love to become like them someday. And you've gotta start somewhere!

A typical new years resolution. But I figure I'm getting awfully close to the end of my twenties (yikes) and my metabolism isn't getting any better. Although I won't be eating only celery sticks for snack, I should still shape up and be making smarter eating choices not only for me but my kiddo's. 
Plus I would like to run the same race as last June so I need to get my butt in gear. And to kick start this resolution I signed up for Zumba and Phusia dance fitness classes!
...and I've (shameless plug alert!) also been drinking Javita coffee so I'm well on my way.

Less Tech
In general spend less time in front of the Tv (unless I'm crafting), computer, and phone. Make more memories without these techy things involved! I'm also considering taking a facebook and pinterest break. I have a love/hate relationship with both of these social media's.

Anyways I hope 2014 is going well for you thus far. Mine has!
And I have high hopes that this year will be a great one!

Happy Monday!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

For the Star Wars Fanatic

I had this guy in our family gift exchange this year.
That's my brother-in-law and he is a Star wars fan, if you can't tell. 
(He actually hand made that costume he is wearing! Impressive right?!)

I follow Pixel Power on facebook and he puts out some great character cross stitch patterns. I have been wanting to do one of his designs up for awhile. He even has a list of some free patterns. That is where I found this awesome Luke, I Am Your Father pattern as well as the Darth Vader quote which I thought would work in the BIL's office. You might recognize the same type of style as the Jack Sparrow perler bead craft I did using another one of Pixel Powers patterns.

Happy Thursday!
.....And Happy New Year!