Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Look

I have been making over my blog this last little while. It has taken me so long because I am trying to do all of it myself. Using programs like Picasa, Picnik, and Photobucket while reading blogs that have posted wonderful tutes (and some not so wonderful) on how to do computer things DIY style.
It's been an interesting/frustrating/educational/fun journey

I'm not extremely satisfied with the new look of the blog,

....there it is!
I know part of it is because I forgot to take a screen shot of the old look, and I reeaalllyy wanted one. I'm sentimental like that, seeing how far a person (or blog) has come through pictures. So I'm kinda bummed about that (Justine, suck it up and get over it, i know i know). 
Another part is I'm not sure about the yellow.... jury is still out on that one.
I wasn't sure about my header either, but I think I am happy with it now. I think adding the pictures personalized it a bit more and made it not so simple and boring.
Give me some feedback, what are your thoughts on the new look?

Anyways here are some of the details about the changes here on Kerr-afty Creations.

- I did the background image by taking a picture then following this tutorial.
- I used Picnik(back before it closed) to create my header, titles, and buttons.
- my new blog button/badge was designed by Jamie of The Letter Four. She also designed me a header which has made an appearance, but I'm not sure if it fits in with the new look either.
- I moved my pages and social media links to my sidebar using this tutorial from one of my fave blogs Sweet Verbena.
- I added an About Me section (and hopefully soon a Tutorial section for easy access).
- Made up some buttons for the favorite/popular posts through Picasa (which haven't made their way to my sidebar yet...).
- changed to the blogger simple layout rather than the picture window design.
- lastly I added a favicon (that pretty image to the left of my web address) using this tutorial.

This has been a fun work in progress, thanks for bearing with me!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

insta-pics #14

Here's the Deets:

1. Biggest news of the week: We now have a SOLD sign in front of the house!! We have to be out by the 8th so I'm afraid my blogging may be scarce between now and then...

2. My parcel from the Letter 4+1 came. So glad to help out the cause and wear this sweet shirt! Check out the charity work these women are doing  HERE.

3. Whipped up some bookmarks for the ladies in my Friday morning bible study. We just finished Jim Cymbala's series 'When God's People Pray'.

4. The bible study kids enjoying potluck lunch after our last study until fall.

5. Lovin' the bubbles.

6. I had a VERY successful garage sale day yesterday, this was most of what I got (minus a couple of toys that S couldn't part with for the pic). P.S. I only spent $23! Yay for thrifting!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

A gift for twin girlies


A friend of mine just recently had twin girls... and when I say recently I mean like a couple months ago.  
Where does the time go?
 ...Anyways I was finally able to give her the present I had for them (after a couple weeks spent in my car). 
Here's the goodies I made for them:

 A little birdie told me the girls' room was owl theme, so I just had to use an owl momma and baby stamp for the card. So sweet.

For the gift, I repainted a frame (that I had found on sale after Christmas) added some chipboard letters and a flower. The babies have already had their first photo shoot so I'm sure my friend will have no problem filling it!

 Here's what the frame used to look like, except it was white with red writing:

Like I said in this post, I also made them each a lil owl stuffie with a rattle inside.

I also had a couple of birthdays this last little while and I had made gifts too but totally forgot to take pictures (silly me). I painted One little girl a monogram canvas with ladybugs on it and I also made two monogrammed cushions (kind of like this one) to give to two other little girls. 
I think giving homemade adds such a personal touch. I know I enjoy recieving homemade gifts!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Folks, we have a Winner!

For those of you who missed my giveaway that I posted last week, you missed out. 
But for those of you that saw it and entered, the odds were really good!

I used to pick the lucky winner,
and the comment number that won was......

Congrats Amy Mitchell!
I will be emailing you soon!

Thanks to everyone who entered and better luck next time!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

insta-pics #13

Straight to the pics this week...

1. Having a snack break while playing at the park.
2. A bit of silliness while helping mommy cook.
3. I couldn't help myself, I had to wrap my bath turban on this wet lil head...and of course take a pic!
4. Call me crazy, but it's fun to buy theater popcorn to watch a show at home (smile).
5. The lillies in my mothers day bouquet just bloomed. so pretty.
6. We had our first S'mores of the season tonight. S loved em'!

P.S.  Don't forget to enter my FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY! I'm picking a winner on Tuesday, and the odds are REALLY good!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I decided to have a giveaway just for fun!
As a Thank-you to all of those that have been reading my lil ol blog here.
 I truly appreciate all my readers and I'm glad to hear that I have been inspiring some of  you with my projects, it really makes my day!

There will be ONE lucky winner who will recieve:
- A felt Owl Iphone Case (the one pictured)
- A fat quarter of fabric (the same fabric used in this project)
- a Pearl Bracelet (in your choice of color: black, brown, or natural)

There are two ways to enter**:
1. Follow my blog via Google Friend Connect (one entry)
(If you don't already, go to the follower section on my side bar and join!) 
2. 'Like' my new Facebook Page (one entry)
Leave a separate comment for one or both of these actions below. 
Make sure to also include your email address so I can get a hold of you if you win!
example: johnsmith(at)pocohontas(dot)com

** This giveaway is open to Canada and US residents only.

I will draw a winner next Tuesday night (May 22nd).

Good Luck! ....and 'may the odds be ever in your favor'
...haha, I couldn't help myself...

Find out who the winner was HERE

Sunday, May 13, 2012

insta-pics #12

Happy Mothers Day!! 
Especially to my Mom... who I didn't see today, does a phone call count?
Love you Mom! Wish I could have brought you breakfast in bed this morning!

Instead I was able to spend it with my other mom (the hubby's) and it was fantastic. We had a beautiful day with family at my in-laws farm. S was totally tuckered out from running around with her cousins, but I could have chatted with the Kerr women all evening. It is always fun to get together (between my husband and his two sisters there are twelve kids! So it is always a lil chaotic but a blast). 

...So my day was great, and if you're a mom, I hope yours was too!

On to the pics...
1. More lovely fabric to add to my growing stash.
2. My lil future blogger.
3. When S is away, T and I go to Walmart and try on hats, teehee.
4. Mothers Day flowers from the hubby and the girls. I was quite surprised and impressed.... although he admitted that he had forgotten about Mothers Day until yesterday when he went to get groceries and saw a huge flower display, and wondered what the heck was up. Hey, I got flowers out of it so I'm happy, haha.

This week I will be hosting my first giveaway, stay tuned (smiles)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Easy Bracelet Tutorial

When I was at my mom and dad's over Easter, I couldn't help but bring a couple of craft supplies to do a small project. I ended up grabbing some beads and cord. Using this pin as inspiration I thought these bracelets would be a cinch to whip up.

 The braiding cord (that's what the package called it. I had wanted to use hemp but that stuff was too pricey for El Cheapo over here!) had three different colors in the package so I made a couple of brown, black, and natural. 
I think they are uber cute and could be worn with a formal or casual outfit.

Want to make your own? Here's a quick How to:

It's as simple as putting on beads and tieing a knot, I found the size that fit me best was four sections (pic four). I didn't measure the sections, just eyeballed it. At the end throw on one single bead tie another knot (pic five) and that will go through the starting loop as your clasp. Isn't that easy and quick? 
These would make great little gifts, Mothers Day is coming up!

With this tutorial and the one I shared on Tuesday you think I would have done a series like 'Jewelery week' or something. Ha.

linking to:
Sew Chatty

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Closer Look: Pearl and Ribbon Necklace

I have made quite a few...
... I told you guy that I found the tutorial to make one at The Crafty Blog Stalker.
But I have recieved a couple emails asking for some clarification on the instructions
... so I thought I would do an explanatory tutorial to add to the original.

Here is a closer look at the pearl and ribbon how-to:

The Beginning:

one - knot your ribbon pieces together a few inches down (I trimmed down one) and stick your needle through the knot making sure the end of your thread has a knot on it.

two - put on first bead.

three - put needle through one ribbon as shown.

four - add another bead.

five - put needle through the other ribbon as shown.

six - at this point this is what you should have.

The Tricky Part:

seven - after step six twist your top ribbon slightly as shown.

eight - add another bead.

nine - put your needle through the first thread, high enough up that it will sit on top of the last bead (this is kind of a guessing game as you go along).

ten - add another bead.

eleven - take the bottom ribbon and repeat step nine, your ribbon should always look like this before putting on another bead.

twleve - add another bead. Repeat steps nine and ten alternating ribbons as you go until you reach your desired length.


Hopefully that was helpful, if you have any questions feel free to ask!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

insta-pics #11

I have been neglecting the blog this past week (oopsie).

I've been....

1. ...baking with this little sweetheart.
2. ...making a couple more owl iphone cases (wanna chance to win one?? My first ever giveaway coming soon!)
3. at our local pottery sale. These are the goodies my friend bought me as a late birthday gift. Thanks Miranda!
4. ...making mini albums for Mothers Day.
5. ...sewing two lil owls as a baby gift for twin girls.
6. ...eating Alphaghetti and toast. You may think it's gross, but it's a guilty pleasure of mine once in awhile.

Happy Sunday!