Monday, April 29, 2013

insta-pics #48

1. The girls and I watched The Sound of Music one Sunday afternoon. S loved all the songs and watching all the VonTrapp children dance around....although she did get quite bored with the slow parts.
2. We did matching manicures. Love those baby hand dimples.
3. T dove into the coffee table and got a bruise above her eyebrow. She is one tough cookie.
4. It was my birthday a week ago and Hubby surprised me with a big apple....a trip to New York with some girlfriends!!! I am so excited. I was pretty impressed with the hubby's creativity, there was a crossword puzzle attached to the apple with words all connected to NYC.
5. On our local garage sale site I was able to snag some awesome Stella and Dot jewelery (as well as a Lia Sophia necklace). I was so thrilled! And I absolutely love the pieces I bought. Some of it is for S (check out the pic below). I actually ended up getting us matching bracelets, so fun.
6. Yup, my nails are still growing. Haven't bit them in quite some time...although I am coming up to the crucial spot, where they will get too long and I usually bite them off instead of grabbing clippers. Wish me luck! 
7. My girlies all dolled up for a birthday party. So cute, I had to make it a bigger picture.

Happy Monday!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

welcome to our home: T's room

I thought I would do a little series showing you around our new home throughout the next little while. 
I'm starting it off with T's room.

With this last move, she upgraded to being in a 'big girl' room complete with toddler bed. 
And she LOVES it!
Check it out...

FYI, I have a project in mind for that blank spot above her bed.

Growth chart from here.
Fabric pennant banners from T's first birthday party.

embroidery above change table from here.

Remember this fairy embroidery from way back when?

Well I never did find the perfect frame, I decided to hang it up in T's room non the less. 
A painted hoop does the trick.

framed scrapbook page from here.
blue 'you make me happy' frame from here.
sock monkey from here.

Air balloon and Sunshine canvas' from here.

And that's it! 

 If you've been around here long you may remember that I had made S a special quilt for her toddler bed. Well T was not as lucky, I ran out of time. So she is using one of the first quilts I ever made.
My grandma owned a craft/fabric store when I was younger and I remember picking out the fabric for this quilt and making it with the help of my mom. So it's really special to me and I'm glad it works so well in T's room and fits on her bed.

Happy Thursday!

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Making old, new: Dresser

Another garage sale find. I just love turning someone else's junk into my treasures. 
I got this dresser for $14.
I added a couple coats of coral/salmon paint, distressed with sandpaper, and added some snazzy new hardware.

Not to shabby eh?
This bright piece has found a home in my new craft room.

 The bummer.... it smells. 
I thought the paint would disguise it but the inside of the drawers are plastic and still smell from the old owners when opened. Truth be told, nothing is being stored in it right now. Any one able to help solve this problem? 
I'm thinking baking soda...

Happy Tuesday!

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Making old, new: frames

When we were still in our old house ( 2 moves ago....we seriously move way to much!!), 
I hauled these old gold frames out of my projects box and painted em blue.
I had bought them probably five years ago at liquidation world, around $5 for the pair. They had hideous paintings in them at the time, but I saw potential in the thick cursive pattern frame. I was going to use them as is, but decided to add a pop of color instead.

And I'm so glad I did! 
I finally got around to putting in pictures (the girls from the summer family photos) and hung them in our master bedroom.

Still have some more decorating to do, but it's a start.
(the other frame from this post)

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Favorite Things Party

Right after moving I hosted a Favorite Things party. I had wanted to host one since seeing this post last summer. And let me tell you, it was SO much fun!!

There were 11 women that came.
We had draw prizes, party favors, played a game, ate tons of food and of course drew names for the 'favorite' items. Not to mention all the chatting that was going on.
Once the party started I was too busy hosting that I forgot to get a group photo, so I only have a few shots that I had taken before the activities were in full swing.

Above: Each person entered their name three times into the large jar for the 'favorite things' and once into the small jar for door prizes.

Below: I supplied a bag for the ladies to put their goodies in from the evening. I had them write their name on them so they wouldn't get mixed up and save me the hassel of calling around if someone left theirs behind.

Above: The ladies all filled out these small questionnaires. As a party game we played something like Scattegories (if you have a unique answer you receive a point). Of course the winner got a prize. It was lots of fun and even some of my really close friends had answers that I never would have guessed, it was great to get to know people a little bit better. (Questionnaire idea from here)

Below: What's a party without party favors?? I gave out a few of my little favorite things. Each lady picked out a ring (made by me), a bookmark (the free printable from this post), and an inspirational quote in a frame (free printable here).

Each brought three of the same favorite thing (worth around $10). This was the whole point of the party. It was great to see all the goodies lined up on the table.

My favorite thing that I handed out (which I forgot to get a picture of) was a smashbook with washi tape.
There was such an array of items: from lip balm to scarfs, sunglass holders to coffee mugs, there was even mini bottles of wine.

How it works:
One person goes first, stands up and explains their item (why it was their favorite and where you could get it) then draws three names out of the big jar. Those three people would get that item. The first name drawn from those three would then take their turn explaining and drawing names etc etc. I found this way worked really well. Of course if a person drew their own name they would just redraw. And once a name is chosen that slip does not go back in the jar.

Below is what I ended up with. A contigo travel mug (love these!); mascara and lip balm; chocolate, mints and a claw foot bathtub ring dish. So much fun right?!

And let's not forget the was potluck!

No one needed to eat supper that night! haha

I really want to host another Favorite Things Party....but hubby says I can't... for now.
Happy Tuesday!

P.S. Check out this party and this one, for more inspiration when planning your own Favorite things party.

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

insta-pics #47

1. I've been really into circle scarves lately, loved this combo of pink with yellow pants.
2. On Easter Sunday we were surprised to come home from church and find an easter egg hunt waiting for us outside our door. My friend and her kids set it up, so fun!
3. Confession time, I'm a nail biter. Always have been. But there are times (mostly for special events) that I have enough self control to grow them out. I am attempting to stop all together this time around, this pic was from last week. Haven't chomped yet, wish me luck!
4. The girls and I went to the pet store this past week and added three new members to our family: Dory, Nemo and Curtis. 
5. Naps with dad, melt my heart.
6. Making more rosette necklaces, these were a special order for three lil girls and their momma.
7. It's the middle of April. There's STILL snow here! Again I ask myself why we live in this climate.....anyways the girls are itching to get outside so as an alternative we ride bikes and do sidewalk chalk in the garage.
8. Flowers from hubby's friend who came to see our new house. I was totally impressed.
9. And lastly my cute lil girl with a diaper wedgie...priceless.

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bring on the lovin'

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I just signed up with blog lovin', have you? Google reader isn't going to last much longer so if you want to stay connected, follow me via bloglovin.
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New posts coming this week, I'm writing them up right now. 
Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sewing Machine Cover

I have been wanting to make a sewing machine cover for quite sometime and when our move was postponed by a couple of weeks (at the beginning of February) I had time to make one!
I started with the easy tutorial offered at Notes from the Patch
I changed it up slightly. 
I omitted the pocket and I cut my outer and lining pieces the same size and used double fold bias tape around the bottom.

If you check out the original tutorial:  Instead of folding over the extra long lining piece over to finish the bottom, I lined up both edges and then stitched brown double fold bias tape around it. Not a huge change but a change none the less.

Tada. I love it! Just wait til you see it in my new craft room.

Happy Tuesday!

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