Monday, October 29, 2012

A little 'Tangled': Mother Gothel and Flynn Rider Costumes

I did it! I managed to finish costumes for hubby and I in time for the halloween dance we went to on Saturday night. I started mine Friday afternoon during naptime, and finished hubbies 15 minutes before the dance started. Nothing like last minute crafting!
(I was running so late that the pics were taken after the dance, so they aren't great)

For my costume, I found a huge curtain at the thrift store that was the perfect color and pattern for Mother Gothels dress! I bought some gold ribbon at Walmart to outline the neckline and sash. (P.S. I didn't make the neck line dip to low since I was going to be dancing and lifting kids and such.) I tied on a cape and curled my hair (didn't want to spend the money on a wig).Tada, a Mother Gothel costume!

Ever since S knew she was going to be Rapunzel, she has been saying 'Daddy be Eugene!'.
So this was as close as I could get to Eugene/Flynn Rider:

For the record, I had a wig for hubby but poor little T just screamed every time he put it on. So a bald Eugene he was, haha. He did shave to match Eugene's goatee though, what a good sport! I bought a blue dress shirt at the thrift store and cut off the sleeves for the vest and he had pants that were close to the right color. I used one of hubby's leather belts and put on a felt piece to look like a bag. I also used brown felt to cover his pants and look like tall boots, he wore brown shoes.

...and yeah, T was the odd lion out!

We had a really fun night! And I felt truly in character since I was chasing around little Rapunzel and telling her to get back here and be careful of strangers, haha.  
Mother knows best,  right?

*Just in case you missed it, Check out the Rapunzel Costume Here!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

insta-pics #33

1. S and I have been making halloween crafts this week. Here she is showing off a toilet paper roll bat which we hung from the chandelier.
2. Poor T has been climbing into things lately and most of the time gets stuck.
3. Came across this vintage felt set, and brought back memories as my sis and I had this exact set as kids.
4. The cutest lil piglet. note-just a cozy sweater not a halloween costume :)
5. Went to a church pie auction, this is the load we came home with. Two cupcakes, a Saskatoon berry pie, a carmel apple, and a tobelrone cheesecake. I have definitely taken in some calories...that cheesecake is delicious!
6. Remember I mentioned we had a halloween dance to go to last night. Well I was able to get some costumes done for hubby and I, more on that tomorrow. But here's a quick pic of me as Mother Gothel.

Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A little 'Tangled': Rapunzel Wig and Costume

 So it all started with a purple dress and a 3 year olds obsession with Rapunzel. I was planning on S being a princess and wear the dress (that I had got at a garage sale). But when I saw  This Mama Makes Stuff's  tutorial for a fabulous yarn Rapunzel wig(and Rapunzels dress is purple) I needed to do it! Of course I asked S if she would be willing to wear Rapunzel hair before going to all the work of making it, and she was totally excited about it!
I LOVE how it turned out, it is soooo stinkin' cuh-ute! 


I made the actual wig awhile ago and then kept it hidden until recently. I had to bring it out to do the braid while she was wearing it. She loved it! So it has been hard to keep from her ever since. (I don't want a ruined costume before halloween!) After braiding I attached the flowers, which definitely added the finishing touch.

 S will be carrying the frying pan while trick or treating, and holding it out to collect her candy. 
(Of course daddy will have a big bag to collect the loot and carry for her) 

 I was planning on T being Pascal, hubby being Flynn Rider (he is known as Eugene around here, I'm pretty sure S doesn't even know he is called Flynn,haha) and myself being Mother Gothel. 
 I have a lion costume that S wore two years ago that I just can't pass up. It is too adorable not to use again on T , who fits it perfectly. I also figured for trick or treating I didn't need to spend the money decking the whole family out in coordinating costumes.
We have recently found out that we will be going to a halloween family dance on Saturday. So I might bust my butt and make the costumes for me and hubby...poor T will be the odd Lion out... possibly.

*Update: Check out Mother Gothel and Flynn Rider Here!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

insta-pics #32

Again it's a late one, due to being at a scrapbook retreat (good excuse right?).

1. S and her friend walking to another friends birthday party, so cute in their pea coats and boots.
2. On our way to Awana (a kids club held at a local church), S and my niece E chillin' in the back seat.
3. S won polka dot night at Awana for the cubbies group. She got to go to the front and claim her prize (of playdoh), she was so excited!
4. T 'reading' a book.
5. We got our windows put in this past weekend.
6. In the middle of doing a layout at the retreat. (I was able to get 28 pages finished!)

Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Gifts Given

 A couple months ago I stitched this coffee cozy for Kay of Jerry and Kay (I did a swap for these turtles!). I got the email saying that she had received it, so now I can share it with you! She was happy with it, so that makes me glad!
 (Check out my other coffee cozy's Here and Here)

I also made another ruffle growth chart, this one for my sister. I gave it to her as part of my nieces gift at thanksgiving. She has both a girl and boy so I decided to go with a yellow and green color scheme. 
 (Check out my pink one Here)

In other news, I finished S's halloween costume and will be sharing it with you soon!
Any guesses on what she is going to be?
(note to my mother: you already know, don't spill the beans!)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

insta-pics #30 and #31

Yup, a double week!
 I missed last Sunday because I was at my parents house for Thanksgiving. 
I thought I would delay and post both weeks today. 

insta-pics #30

1. Found this awesome Ninja Turtles onesie in a consignment store(on the back it says 'Turtle Power!'). It was too little for T so I gave it to my niece!
2. Another gift for my niece, who I was able to cuddle on Thanksgiving.
3. I traveled alone with the girls (a 9 hour drive), this was at our lunch stop. Yay for Macdonald's Play Place!
4. While at my parents house, my sis and I pulled out our old Barbie collection for S. We didn't grow up playing with Ken...we had Dylan and Brandon from 90210! Lucky eh?

insta-pics #31

1. Arrived home to walls on our house...and snow (ugh).
2. Decorated for Halloween this week. Got these cute spiders from Winners (they are made out of bells/wire and covered in glitter).
3. T wearing my hat. She thought she was hilarious, haha.
4. I made some of this for supper on a snowy day.
5. S and I worked on a block house for snow white on Saturday. It turned out pretty sweet! ....and it's still standing, even after T has been around!
6. The inside of snow white's house.

Happy Sunday!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Colorful Pasta Beads

The other day the big girlie and I did a little craft during T's nap. We dyed dried pasta!
(With the intention of making necklaces of course!)
It was really easy to do and S had fun picking out the colors and shaking up the bags.
I used this tutorial offered at My Name is Snickerdoodle, and it worked really well.

 I had read on another blog to let them sit in the bags for a few minutes to let the colors absorb, so I did.
I also decided to let them dry in coffee filters so that the colors didn't get onto each other.

We did the dying early afternoon and I let the noodles dry until after supper.
Then she was able to start beading!

She had tons of fun and she is soo proud of her new necklace. She keeps saying 'I made it myself!'.

Hope you have a very blessed day!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The second life of a cardigan

Well I told you in this post, that I didn't throw away the scraps! 
Above is what I made out of this one sweater. 

Not to shabby eh?
I just ended up doing a lot of experimenting, trying to make the best use out of the fabric I had. 
Cutting up and piecing it back together.

 I even made a lil purse out of the pieces with pockets!

A close-up of the toque (from this post).

So she got a cute little hat and mitts, as well as a skirt and sweater vest (oh and the purse).

So my sweet heart cardigan lives on!

And after all that I still had some scraps leftover.....

 ..... don't worry these made their way to the garbage!

Monday, October 1, 2012

insta-pics #29

1. I love this face.
2. I've been making some jewelery, here's a sneak peek at some rings.
3. S's first pinata. Being blindfolded didn't work out so well so she was allowed to peek, haha.
4. Baby girl hanging with some friends at a birthday party.
5. We had a Mcdonald's picnic at our storage unit on Saturday. The girls were kept busy while hubby and I reorganized and got some stuff out.
6. Cutie. Patootie.
Happy Monday! ...and 1st of October!