Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lovin' My Homemade Diaper Bag

I finally finished my diaper bag that I had wanted to make before T arrived (remember that to do list I mentioned?) Well I had actually started it the middle of august and then it sat in a lonely corner of my craft room, being neglected until last week when I decided I just NEED to finish it (otherwise it will never get done). I am so glad I did! I finished my summery diaper bag just in time for fall, non the less I think it rocks!

This bag is amazing, the tutorial lets you decide the amount and size of pockets that you need. I chose 3 large and 4 med pockets for a total of 7's still bigger than you may think let me show you:

May not look like too much but let me empty those pockets out for ya:

1. Hooter Hider aka. Nursing Cover
2. Owl Iphone Case with Iphone 3G inside (see my tutorial HERE)
3. Wallet
4. Boogie Wipes (if you have lil kids with boogie noses, these ROCK!)
5. A sippy cup
6. Two of each diaper size, 2 and 4 (no S is not potty trained yet, don't pressure me!)
7. Wipes
8. 4 Robert Munsch Mini Books ( great when S needs to be entertained )
9. Soother ( working on getting rid of that.... but it's good to have for emergency situations)
10. Fruit snacks (mom's always have snacks with right?)
That's it and can you believe the whole center area isn't even touched! Let's just say that I'm in love with my new diaper bag, regardless of whether it is in season or not!

Want to make your own? I got the idea from Debbie at her cute blog The Craft Project , but you can get the free tutorial HERE at Sew Much Ado.

By the way I used my favorite fabric from the Micheal Miller Meadowsweet 2 collection, Splashy Rose Garden. I just love the yellow and pink flowers with light teal background, so pretty and cheery!

This was my second diaper bag that I've made, and I must say it's my favorite! The other one I made for my sister as a Christmas gift last year you can check it out HERE.

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  1. that does not look like a diaper bag at all! no bears or balloons! Love it!

  2. I love all the stuff you can get in it! You did such a good job!


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