Sunday, April 29, 2012

insta-pics #10

Just a few of me and my lil sweeties this week!

1. Us girls with the blue eyes :)
2. T absolutely lovin the swing
3. Big sis had to join in (...and I had to share another swing pic)
4. Hugs from my big girl

Enjoy your last few moments of the weekend :)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Easter Dress: Mine

 I decided to make myself an Easter dress this year as well as the girls

I had this old maternity dress sitting in my closet. A hand-me-down from a friend, I had never worn it with either pregnancy ( not really flattering, more frumpy then anything), so I decided to cut it up!

 I cut off the sleeves and added pleats around the whole thing (I never measured because I intend it to be worn with a belt). I then used the sleeve material to cut long oval'ish' shapes which I folded in half and pinned into place on one shoulder.

I didn't do any hemming since it was t-shirt material so that was the extent of my altering. Here is the finished product:

Like I said in this post, I don't really enjoy self fashion-portraits and I forgot to get someone to take one of me in the dress on Easter (silly me).
Anyways here is the before and after:

I also had enough fabric leftover to make two of these headbands:

Cute huh? I mean the headband, but my baby is pretty cute too!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Layouts of the Girlies

 Another round of recent scrapbook layouts for you... featuring the girls of course!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

insta-pics #9

1. My obsession as of late.... I would read them all again right now!
2. It keeps getting nicer outside, which means more walks.
3. Little sweetie in her new sunny's.
4. Still not done updating the new look...
5. Shh, it's my birthday today.... I made myself fried cheesecake last night, soooo yummy!
6. Flowers that my sis-in-law brought me when she came to watch the girls so hubby and I could go out for supper. She's the best!

One year older and I am feeling totally blessed! This birthday has been one of the more memorable ones... I think it is because S has been involved, she has said happy birthday to me countless times and has been asking for birthday cake quite a bit. Nothing beats a two year olds birthday kishes!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Easter Dress: The Girls

I finished the Hunger Games (I am having withdrawals all ready), so I decided I better get back to taking care of the blog, first up the girls Easter dresses.

I decided that instead of making the girls Christmas dresses every year I would try and make them their Easter dresses. Which let's face it, Easter is a lot less hectic than Christmas so I should have time to finish two dresses.

This year I found the fabric first, on sale for $3 a meter (both the blue and the rose pattern) in the clearance section at Fabricland. I then went searching for a tutorial that would work well with the fabric I chose. I decided on the Ella Dress Tutorial from Living with Punks. It comes with a pattern piece for a size 2T which I used for S's dress and then sized it down for T's. Both ended up being a little too small so I added the button holes on the back.

They aren't perfect and I had to wing it a few times since I added a liner and the button holes, but I'm happy with how they turned out.

During the Easter festivities I never did get a shot of the two of them sitting nicely together. Oh well, these will have to do.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What I've been up to

  You may be noticing a few changes around my ol' blog here... I thought it needed a bit of sprucing up, so excuse my construction site with unclickable buttons and my ever changing header among other things that need to be worked out (not to mention lack of crafty posts). Hopefully it will be done soon. 

I have to admit I haven't spent all my extra time at my computer lately......
these days it's on my couch...

 the Hunger Games books. 

(unless of course there are mommy/wifey things to take care of)

I am half way done the last book, kind of bittersweet because I don't want it to end yet I want to know what happens next!

I don't want to spoil anything so I won't say much except,
like the Twilight series I can totally see the love triangle being blown into: 
Team Peeta and Team Gale......well I'll tell you right now 
I am Team Peeta all the way!! Swoon.

 On that note I think I will go and read.... I'll work on the blog tomorrow!

Monday, April 16, 2012

insta-pics #8 .... just a little late.

So I got back yesterday from a week long trip out at my parents house. It was great but I am glad to get back into my everyday routine. I'm a sucker for organization. Anyways I was able to edit my picture last night and then decided to go to sleep rather than write the post, hence why it is a day late.

Here are my pics from this past week:

1. Driving to Saskatchewan.
2. S and my nephew had a lot of fun on my dad's kabota.
3. S at the Disney Store taking it all in.
4. I want one of these dolls so bad, they are adorable!
5. Both girls fell asleep in the stroller while my mom, sister and I shopped.
6. I came home to a package containing the stitch swap piece that I received, a cute lil owl. See what I sent here.

Sorry no pics from Easter, those are all on my camera. You will be seeing some soon though because I need to share the girls Easter dresses...

Happy Monday!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Let's Talk Smash

 Way back when I mentioned that I was going to show you my Smash book. Well since then I now have three going. I started with my black one (mod style) and then I got two pink ones (pretty style). I decided that the black would be mine and I would do one for each of the girls as well and hand it to them when they turn eighteen.

Basically the point of the book is to 'smash' things such as memento's, photos, drawings, notes, etc. into it. Sort of going back to the basics of scrapbooking.
A pen comes attached to the book that has a gluestick on the opposite end, which makes it super simple to attach a ticket stub (for example) and then write a little blurb about it. A fantastic way to preserve memories.

Check it out, here are some pages from my book:

I have done quite a few random pages and then a few that are for specific things (ex. the above pic is pages of my hubby).
The embellishments and journal spots that are sold seperately from the books are awesome too. This has been such a fun project and I look forward to doing some more Smashing!

P.S. This post is not sponsored by Smashbook/K&Company, this is just an awesome product that I wanted to share with you :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Craftin with my Girlie

The other day while baby was sleeping I decided to let S do a small project on her own. When I saw this toddler craft via pinterest, I knew she would love it.
Thanks to Pink Pistachio for the great idea!

It's just simply filling a small bottle with water and letting the child fill it with small items. I let her put in beads, some normal and some shaped as animals or objects. 

Her favorite part was to watch them float to the bottom.

 After she was done putting in the beads I added glitter. 
I let her pick the color, of course she chose pink.

She really enjoyed searching for the objects after we were all done.
She also liked to shake it up and see the glitter cloud up the water.

A great craft for my lil girlie! 
...Although now she keeps asking to open it so we can add more beads, haha.

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Insta pics #7

Happy Easter Everyone!! 
Hope you are having a blessed day with family and friends remembering and celebrating that Christ has Risen!! ...and perhaps enjoying an easter egg hunt as well.

Here's the pics from this week:
1. I had to buy some pink bunny peeps for the girlie and I, a fun treat.
2. She has filled her boots on more than one occasion, those large puddles are just to darn tempting!
3. Going for a spring walk.
4. I made T a new headband out of a shirt cuff and scraps. (Post coming soon with what I did with the rest of the shirt)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Peter Cottontail and a couple friends

I decided to make the kids some home made bunnies this year for in their Easter baskets (one each for my girlies and one for my nephew). I just drew out a simple bunny shape on paper and used it as my pattern. Sewed on buttons for the noses and eyes stuck a pompom on for the tails and stitched some whiskers.

They didn't turn out quite the way I wanted.... 
kinda ugly-cute rather then cute-cute, haha!
oh well, I'm sure the kids will enjoy them!
I'm going to be at my parents place for the next week or so, but I do have some scheduled posts coming your way! Have a super weekend!!

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