Friday, September 23, 2011

My Kind of 'Canning'

Last weekend I decided to bite the bullet and try my hand at preserving fruit (peaches in fact). I don't have the equipment for actual canning but my mom found me a recipe for freezer preserves found HERE. It actually went quite well, below are some pics during the process:

You may recognize Sheldon and Leonard on my laptop from The Big Bang Theory,
I have all four seasons downloaded... I'm a fan.

I was able to get 7 bags out of about 3/4 of a case of peaches (I had been procrastinating thinking it would be a daunting task, so some of the case had been eaten and some had gone bad...oops). I haven't actually thawed one to see if they turned out so I'll keep you posted. I do know that the syrup is tasty!
For my first try I thought this was a pretty easy recipe to follow and the end product looks delicious! This was my kind of 'canning'!

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  1. I'm soooo with you on this one -- my kind of canning too! Yum!

  2. Mmmmm - those peaches look delish!! You'll be enjoying fresh peach cobbler all winter long! ;) Also "Big Bang Theory" is one of my very favorite shows too!! Sheldon just cracks me up!!

  3. You can freeze green beans also. Wash and string and break them up then bag thm in the size bag u want. When you're to cook thm put them in the kettle bring thm to a boil fast for bout 5 mins then drain completely and rinse well. Then put thm Bk into the kettle and salt thm put in alil oil a pinch of parsley alil onion if u like. Tun let thm cook until tender or tip the texture is how u like it. You can freeze about anythg.


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