Friday, September 16, 2011

Craving a Snack?

So my go-to snack is popcorn, I usually can't get enough of it. I have it three to four times a week, it's the best! BUT...... the other night I didn't feel like popcorn. I wanted the wonderful taste of salty-sweet (which I can get from popcorn if I put Smarties in it, but alas I had none at my disposal).

I then proceeded to raid my cupboards, the most helpful being the baking cupboard. I spotted the salted peanuts....I immediately thought mmm trailmix. Those peanuts thought they were going to make their way into cookies but I had another plan in mind. So I grabbed the milk chocolate chips(also intended for cookies) and Craisins ( I tried Raisins the next night, I think I prefer them) and Whalla! A yummy, salty, sweet (easy) snack!

It's surprising what you can come up with if you just re-purpose what you have, whether it be for crafting or eating, haha.

For those that may need my fabulous recipe:

Salted peanuts
Milk Chocolate Chips
Craisins (or Raisins)
Directions: Through in a bowl, eat!


  1. Yummm!! This looks really good...wish I had some to munch on now! ;)

  2. try white chocolate with it as well.. yummy yummy combo :)


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