Sunday, September 11, 2011

A 'Flitterific' Birthday Party

"All you need is faith and trust and a little bit of pixie dust"
that's right I've been planning a....
Tinkerbell Party!

I was going to hold off on this particular theme until S was a little older but she loves all the Tinkerbell movies so much right now (she even asks to watch 'bell-bell'). Even given the choice of Dora or Tinkerbell it's bell-bell 95% of the time.

I had done a family BBQ at our place on her actual birthday and we headed to the splashpark to enjoy the water and the cake that I had made (below) after the meal.

I then planned another party for some of S's friends and there mom's later on in the week ( a coffee/playdate morning party). Here are some of the details:

The Invitations

To make the invitations I just cut a standard size card into two, printed out all the wording, adhered a button to a paper flower and put a tinkerbell sticker on the front....easy peasy!

The Decorations

I made pennant banners from two Tinkerbell paperpacks I had in my scrapbook stash.

I found an awesome Disney Fairies wall mural at Liquidation World for $4 I decided to hang the mural on the main wall in the living room (below) and I scattered all the fairies throughout the room instead of on the mural (example above). I'm impressed with how it improved the look of the room.

I made three big tissue paper balls/flowers/pompoms for the living room (above) and three little ones for the kitchen (below). I bought my own tissue paper and used the free tutorial from HERE. It was way cheaper than buying a kit and I highly recommend it, they are a cinch to make.

I made the cute little mushroom for Tink to sit on as a centerpiece.
* Check out my tutorial HERE!

The Fun Stuff

As a treat I made Tutu's for all the kids that came. I was lucky enough to hit Dollarama at just the right time. They had just put out all their Halloween stuff so I was able to grab wings and wands for everyone too! They were so cute prancing around in their outfits. S loved having wings!

I also had a few activities on hand: Bubbles (a major hit with all the kids!), Tattoos, Stickers and Coloring sheets (which I printed out from HERE).

The Food

Since I had done a cake at the family BBQ I opted for cupcakes at the morning party. I had to use the tinkerbell stand for something anyways and they are a lot easier to serve. I made little pokes to fancy them up, most of them had little 2's and others had tinkerbell stickers. I also served strawberries and some apple danishes which were to boring to take a picture of, haha.

I didn't say easier to eat, the purple icing was only a little bit messy.

And I couldn't end this post without a pic of my littlest cutie in her party dress. Although she did spend almost the whole party sleeping, I can't complain it made things easier for me!

So that's it, the 2 year olds Tinkerbell Party!


  1. What a great party! I love all the attention to detail, it looks like so much fun :)

  2. Wow what a cute party! I LOVE the way you did the invitations!! Thanks for posting!

    Please feel free to link up your Tinkerbell Party to my Make Yourself Monday Blog Hop! I'd love to have you!! :o)

    For Love of Cupcakes

  3. Thank you so much for linking up to Make Yourself Monday! :o)



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