Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Blog Button

I'm so happy, I finally sat down and made my own blog button! I needed a little help so I used this tutorial (thanks!). Feel free to grab the code and share Kerr-afty Creations on your blog!!

Here it is:

You may also have noticed that I added some 'pages' to the top of my blog. Not a huge deal to all those veteran bloggers, but to me I am getting so computer savvy that I'm quite impressed with myself haha. Not to mention the hubby who was totally blown away that I was using code!

I also found out this morning that my Owl Iphone Case was featured on Craptastic. Thanks Katie, you made my day!


  1. I love your new button! It's so cute! I'm impressed you already made one! LOL - I waited over six months before I finally made mine! Thanks again for sharing your adorable owl iPhone cover! I finished mine tonight and I want to make a million of them! :)

  2. AWESOME! I'm off to add your button to my blog right now!


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