Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mushroom Centerpiece Tutorial

I wanted to share how I made this cute little mushroom for Tink to sit on at the Tinkerbell birthday party.

I had seen on google search that someone had made a mushroom cake and put Tink on top, but since I was making cupcakes I thought to make a mushroom out of something ideas were to:

1. Construct one out of fabric and stuffing (to time consuming)
2. Buy a Ceramic/lawn ornament type mushroom and paint it (to expensive)
3. Make a Paper Mache Mushroom (to messy)

So instead of the above options I made it this way (which was super simple and easy!):

You will need:
- a glass
- a bowl
- two different colors of tissue paper ( I chose pink and white)
- cardstock
- circle punch
- adhesive

Find a bowl and cup that resemble a mushroom when put together.

Cover each with tissue paper as if you were wrapping a present.
Stuff the extra in the center. (no adhesive required)

Cut out circles (I used a circle punch) and adhere to the top of the mushroom.

Ta Da, you've made a whimsical mushroom for Tink to sit on...
...or any other type of creature that would sit on a toadstool.

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  1. Once again, your cleverness just blows me away!! WONDERFUL the cute party decorations! :)

  2. Justie, I'm sure Sadie will grow up thinking all mommys can do these creative things. Your girls are so lucky. Great Gran U.


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