Monday, June 6, 2011

Super Simple Canada Day Sleeper

Even though we are most likely going to be spending all of Canada Day in the hospital this year, I thought why not dress up the new baby anyway!

Instead of getting a store bought Canada sleeper I decided to alter a plain red one (hand-me-down from the big sister) and save a few bucks. What I ended up doing couldn't have been more simple!

Here's what I did:
1. Find a pic of a maple leaf, I used google images.
2. Trace said image onto white felt.
(I actually did this right on my computer screen, our printer was low on ink...and hey it's just like a light table, just don't use a pen that you need to push down hard the key is to trace lightly!)
3. Cut out.
4. Embroider smiley face onto leaf.
5. Use heat and bond paper to attach to sleeper.
TaaDaa A Canada Day outfit! (You could also stitch around the leaf but I decided not to.)

A close-up of the cute little maple leaf.

Well that's one project done from 'the List'. I am currently working on a 'big sister' shirt so hopefully I can post that soon!

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  1. Very, very cute!! Can hardly wait to see a photo of your new baby in the adorable Canada Day sleeper!! I'm sure that he or she will be the most festive baby at the hospital! ;)


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