Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Parcels from Grandma

I just love snail mail!! My sweet grandma has sent me a couple of packages these last couple of weeks. She volunteers at the thrift store at my hometown and she found a couple of goodies for me! The first parcel included three vintage patterns for childrens clothing. I might try to make a couple of them but regardless the pictures are so cute I am tempted to just frame them and hang them in my craft room. Take a look:

The second parcel came and it included 27 pre-embroidered quilting blocks. All the embroidery pieces are different, below are just a couple of my favorites (Why someone would get rid of all this hard work is beyond me). You'll have to wait and see what projects I come up with for these blocks.

Thanks grandma for the great finds!


  1. I love the patterns. Framing them and displaying them would be awesome. I have a bunch of knitting patterns from the UK, from the 1960's I would love to do that with. If you do display yours, please post your pics, would love to see how another person does it!

  2. What fun treats to get in the mail!! I can hardly wait to see what you do with the quilt blocks and the patterns! :)


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