Thursday, June 9, 2011

Grad Card

Wishing all the best to my lil' cousin Carson on his graduation! (when I say lil I mean young, cause the kid is WAY taller than me!) I made this card to send to him and I hope he gets it soon (the canada post strike sucks). We won't be able to make it home for his grad because well I'll be popping out a baby within days of it and it is 8 hours away...although it would've been nice to revisit my highschool and see some old friends!

I simply made this card out of cardstock in my 'scrapbox' and threw some sassy strands and foam letters on. The actual idea of the 'color cube' (for lack of a better description) was from last months Scrapbook etc. magazine. They actually had it done up as a super cute baby card. I have plans to use this design again as it is not only cool looking but simple!

Anyways congrats Carson, and enjoy what you have left of your highschool career, you will be remembering these days for years to come!


  1. Looks great, awesome idea for a card!

  2. Great card - I really, really like the "color cube" technique!


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