Thursday, June 23, 2011

A little Surprise

Well on Monday I was going to post something to the extent of "The Final Countdown: 10 days To Go Til Baby Arrives" and give you all an updated version of the list I had brought up in this post. Sharing with you what I had gotten done and what still needed to happen before babies arrival,
my plans went askew when I WENT INTO LABOR!!!

One stressful ride to the hospital and another emergency c-section later, we were able to meet our 3 week early bundle of joy!
It's a Girl!! Meet S's little sister, T.

We just got out of the hospital yesterday and we have been settling in quite nicely, although S is still at Grandma's til this afternoon. We'll see how it goes once she shows up, T will be mauled with hugs and kisses, among other things such as poking and prodding.

Interesting Tidbit: S was born on my Grandpa's birthday(my mom's dad) and T was born on my other Grandpa's birthday (my dad's dad) we have two very proud great grandpa's! Go figure!

We had such a sweet surprise this week, I guess my list will have to wait a little while to be completed. Be patient with me in the next few weeks because I'm not sure how much I'll be able to blog. I might be too busy cuddling my girlies!

Did you have any 'little surprises' this week?


  1. CongraTs! Glad to see you and Thia doing well!

  2. Oh how wonderful!!! Congrats to you all...little Thia is sooo beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing the pics!!

  3. So happy for you , Justine.... and the rest of the family...what a little blessing Thia is!!

  4. Aww congrats!! :) Thanks for sharing your new family member with us! :)


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