Monday, April 29, 2013

insta-pics #48

1. The girls and I watched The Sound of Music one Sunday afternoon. S loved all the songs and watching all the VonTrapp children dance around....although she did get quite bored with the slow parts.
2. We did matching manicures. Love those baby hand dimples.
3. T dove into the coffee table and got a bruise above her eyebrow. She is one tough cookie.
4. It was my birthday a week ago and Hubby surprised me with a big apple....a trip to New York with some girlfriends!!! I am so excited. I was pretty impressed with the hubby's creativity, there was a crossword puzzle attached to the apple with words all connected to NYC.
5. On our local garage sale site I was able to snag some awesome Stella and Dot jewelery (as well as a Lia Sophia necklace). I was so thrilled! And I absolutely love the pieces I bought. Some of it is for S (check out the pic below). I actually ended up getting us matching bracelets, so fun.
6. Yup, my nails are still growing. Haven't bit them in quite some time...although I am coming up to the crucial spot, where they will get too long and I usually bite them off instead of grabbing clippers. Wish me luck! 
7. My girlies all dolled up for a birthday party. So cute, I had to make it a bigger picture.

Happy Monday!

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  1. Happy belated birthday!! How exciting that you will be going to NYC with your gal pals - so fun!! Looking forward to seeing the pics that you'll post from your trip!


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