Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fabric Magnet Board

This is my work space situated in a corner of my dining room, you can imagine how drab it was without the magnet board above the desk. 
I knew it needed something big in that vast grey space.... 

and it all started with this frame (which I got for free). I spray painted it white.

When I was last at my parents house I had asked my dad if he had some metal laying around his shop that he could cut for me. He came up with the brilliant idea to re-purpose an old washer ... you heard me, a washer! 
He cut out the side of a washer that was just sitting down at my grandpa's farm. Awesome right?
Here it is:

I then covered the metal with some fabric using spray adhesive. 
I also ended up duct taping it on the backside just to make sure it didn't go anywhere.

With some help from the hubby we glued the metal into the frame then hung it up.

After I was done making the actual magnetic board I needed some cute magnets to go with it. 
So I made some bright and colorful fabric covered button magnets.

A relatively easy project and it looks fantastic above my desk (and it's practical too).

I added this cute printable to add some more character to the space (and let the kids and hubby know that 'I love everything' about them!). 
It's actually a black and white image. You color it in so you can make it to match any space, so cool.
You can get it for free at Tried and True.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. looks awesome. how did you make those buttons?

    1. They are super easy...maybe I should do a mini tutorial ;)

  2. Great project! I am working on a magnet board using a cute, scalloped frame that I bought on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $3. (It was missing the glass, which is why it was marked down so much.) Anyhoo...keep an eye out on my blog for my magnet board post that I should have up in the next few days. :)


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