Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Making old, new: Dresser

Another garage sale find. I just love turning someone else's junk into my treasures. 
I got this dresser for $14.
I added a couple coats of coral/salmon paint, distressed with sandpaper, and added some snazzy new hardware.

Not to shabby eh?
This bright piece has found a home in my new craft room.

 The bummer.... it smells. 
I thought the paint would disguise it but the inside of the drawers are plastic and still smell from the old owners when opened. Truth be told, nothing is being stored in it right now. Any one able to help solve this problem? 
I'm thinking baking soda...

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. It looks so good, I love the color! As for the smell, I would suggest baking soda as well, or pinterest lol. Pinterest has ideas for everything!

  2. It turned out good, the hardware looks really nice! Maybe the cedar chip sachet for the smell? That's a tough one.. good luck :-/

  3. The dresser looks great! What a transformation! For the smell- how about little sachet of potpourri??

  4. Hey justine.......im redoing two dressers ,eventually, and i wad wondering what kind of paint you use, primer?, and do you use a top coat of anything? thans -yours looks great! whitney stasiw

  5. Love the dresser re-make, and such a pretty color too!! As for the smell, you might try wadding up newspapers and stuffing them into the drawers for a few days to absorb the odor; or put pieces of charcoal in the drawers for a few days to "draw out" the odor may work as well. Good luck and let me know what works!


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