Sunday, April 14, 2013

insta-pics #47

1. I've been really into circle scarves lately, loved this combo of pink with yellow pants.
2. On Easter Sunday we were surprised to come home from church and find an easter egg hunt waiting for us outside our door. My friend and her kids set it up, so fun!
3. Confession time, I'm a nail biter. Always have been. But there are times (mostly for special events) that I have enough self control to grow them out. I am attempting to stop all together this time around, this pic was from last week. Haven't chomped yet, wish me luck!
4. The girls and I went to the pet store this past week and added three new members to our family: Dory, Nemo and Curtis. 
5. Naps with dad, melt my heart.
6. Making more rosette necklaces, these were a special order for three lil girls and their momma.
7. It's the middle of April. There's STILL snow here! Again I ask myself why we live in this climate.....anyways the girls are itching to get outside so as an alternative we ride bikes and do sidewalk chalk in the garage.
8. Flowers from hubby's friend who came to see our new house. I was totally impressed.
9. And lastly my cute lil girl with a diaper wedgie...priceless.

Happy Sunday!

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