Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Favorite Things Party

Right after moving I hosted a Favorite Things party. I had wanted to host one since seeing this post last summer. And let me tell you, it was SO much fun!!

There were 11 women that came.
We had draw prizes, party favors, played a game, ate tons of food and of course drew names for the 'favorite' items. Not to mention all the chatting that was going on.
Once the party started I was too busy hosting that I forgot to get a group photo, so I only have a few shots that I had taken before the activities were in full swing.

Above: Each person entered their name three times into the large jar for the 'favorite things' and once into the small jar for door prizes.

Below: I supplied a bag for the ladies to put their goodies in from the evening. I had them write their name on them so they wouldn't get mixed up and save me the hassel of calling around if someone left theirs behind.

Above: The ladies all filled out these small questionnaires. As a party game we played something like Scattegories (if you have a unique answer you receive a point). Of course the winner got a prize. It was lots of fun and even some of my really close friends had answers that I never would have guessed, it was great to get to know people a little bit better. (Questionnaire idea from here)

Below: What's a party without party favors?? I gave out a few of my little favorite things. Each lady picked out a ring (made by me), a bookmark (the free printable from this post), and an inspirational quote in a frame (free printable here).

Each brought three of the same favorite thing (worth around $10). This was the whole point of the party. It was great to see all the goodies lined up on the table.

My favorite thing that I handed out (which I forgot to get a picture of) was a smashbook with washi tape.
There was such an array of items: from lip balm to scarfs, sunglass holders to coffee mugs, there was even mini bottles of wine.

How it works:
One person goes first, stands up and explains their item (why it was their favorite and where you could get it) then draws three names out of the big jar. Those three people would get that item. The first name drawn from those three would then take their turn explaining and drawing names etc etc. I found this way worked really well. Of course if a person drew their own name they would just redraw. And once a name is chosen that slip does not go back in the jar.

Below is what I ended up with. A contigo travel mug (love these!); mascara and lip balm; chocolate, mints and a claw foot bathtub ring dish. So much fun right?!

And let's not forget the food....it was potluck!

No one needed to eat supper that night! haha

I really want to host another Favorite Things Party....but hubby says I can't... for now.
Happy Tuesday!

P.S. Check out this party and this one, for more inspiration when planning your own Favorite things party.

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