Thursday, April 18, 2013

Making old, new: frames

When we were still in our old house ( 2 moves ago....we seriously move way to much!!), 
I hauled these old gold frames out of my projects box and painted em blue.
I had bought them probably five years ago at liquidation world, around $5 for the pair. They had hideous paintings in them at the time, but I saw potential in the thick cursive pattern frame. I was going to use them as is, but decided to add a pop of color instead.

And I'm so glad I did! 
I finally got around to putting in pictures (the girls from the summer family photos) and hung them in our master bedroom.

Still have some more decorating to do, but it's a start.
(the other frame from this post)

Happy Thursday!


  1. Very cute! I like how the blue turned out.

  2. i love the glimmer on the frames :) alao like the green chair in the corner :))


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