Friday, December 30, 2011

Fabric Flower Headbands

 I had some fabric scraps left over from some recent projects so I decided to whip up some flowers and put them on headbands.

The first flower was made from scraps from the make-up bags. I just did a gathering stitch on the one long edge and pulled it together, leaving the other edge raw. Sewed a button in the center and I had a completed flower.

This one was made to fit my lil girl....although she hasn't worn it yet... I have to be really good at convincing her that a princess would wear it.

The second I made from the T-shirt scraps from the five strand headband. Using this tutorial to make the actual flower.

It turned out bigger than I had planned but I like the splash of color it gives to my outfit.

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  1. Precious!! I loooove these headbands...I'll have to make some for my adorable great-niece, Kayle Ann, who is the same age as Sadie.

  2. Love these! I just pinned it! so fun! Thanks for linking up and sharing!


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