Monday, December 5, 2011

Salt Dough Gift Tags/Ornaments

The other day S and I had fun making salt dough gift tags/ornaments. I had wanted to make handprint ornaments for the girls but they didn't turn out that great so I improvised and we did cookie cutter shapes out of the rest of the dough.

I used this recipe which I found on pinterest. I would suggest mixing for the whole time they suggest if not longer. I think that's why mine didn't turn out like the pictures, but when your working with a toddler you can't take forever hand kneading the dough (a step I should have done during naptime).

Out of the oven and cooled, now time to paint!

I let her paint green first, then after that dried I gave her red (didn't want to end up with a disgusting brown color).
After the paint was all dry I took a sharpie and drew on the initial of the person who would be getting the gift.
I also wrote on the back with a finer pen saying the 'To' and 'From'.

And just in case you were wondering, here are the handprint ornaments, like I said they didn't turn out the greatest, but better than nothing :)

A couple coats of spray varnish and some ribbon and they are ready to give!

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  1. Love salt dough! We did ornaments this year.. my little one loved painting them. Never thought to use them as tags.. so smart!

  2. HA! HA! I copied the same salt dough ornament idea/recipe from Pinterest too, with hopes to make some cute ornament/gift tags - too funny! Great minds think alike, eh?? I just don't have a cute little girl at my house to help me make them. :) Fun Sadie gets older she will remember the fun she had helping you make these. Justin and I used to make cookies together when he was Sadie's age...great memories!


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