Sunday, March 31, 2013

insta-pics #46

Busy, that's what I've been. 
Besides not touching the blog in awhile I also have not been instagraming much lately. (only 9 pics for almost a month,yikes)
Although what I have been doing is vacationing,unpacking, decorating, and playing.

1. Remember this growth chart that I made last year? Well I measured both girls for a third time and they are growing like weeds.
2. On a road trip to meet my parents so that they could watch the girls while hubby and I went to Cuba!! (sorry no vacay insta-pics)
3. Bought a new rug.
4. Always playing dress-up around here, my lil hula girl.
5. Got new curtains.
6. Made S a little reading nook in her closet complete with tinkerbell wall decals, tons of cushions and a small touch light that hangs on the wall.
7. We had our first rubber boot wearing day this past week. There's still snow though (sad face).....and there will be for awhile yet (even sadder face).
8. One morning S said, 'Mommy look! My teddy bear is peeing in your coffee!'. haha funny kid.
9. My good friend (and Hubby's cousin) was over to pick out music for the Sunday morning church service which her and my hubby will lead. It was a great morning filled with music, coffee and a good chat.

Hope you have a very blessed day and week.
Happy Easter.
Rejoice for He has Risen!

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