Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Chickens made cute.

I apologize if you are one that likes chickens, I absolutely do not. 

For one, all birds just really creep me out. 

They are twitchy and could swoop at your head at any given time and you would not know til that thing is upon you. Pecking away with flapping feathers in your face, oh the horror....
And speaking of heads, I grew up on a farm and seeing a headless chicken running around doesn't make you fond of em'.

Second, from a decorating stand point the whole chicken craze is just too country for my taste.
OK. I don't like chickens, moving on....

Anyways, when I saw these wooden magnets in a 'free' basket at a local store, I knew at once that I would revamp them.

I grabbed some rub-ons and acrylic paint (both of which I had in my craft room so this project was totally free!), 
and got rid of those poor little chickens while watching a tv show (I think maybe, New Girl).

 I added a cut off brad to the pink one, it just needed a little more pizzaz.

Turned out pretty cute right?
... unless you thought the chickens were cute then I just messed up a perfectly good chicken magnet.
I ended up giving away the first one at my Favorite Things party (yup, I hosted one of those and it was a blast! Post coming soon) and the other I am keeping for myself. I just love the poem on it.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. What you don`t like chickens!!?? But they're my favorite:) Love the revamped magnets-super cute!!


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