Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Making old, new: nightstand #2

I bought the above nightstand at a garage sale last summer for $1...
you heard me, ONE dollar! Yup, amazing deal. 
Of course the forest green wasn't my favorite and it was a little beat up, but I was willing to give it a little tlc. 
(It just took awhile to get around to it, good thing I had the move as motivation)

I had also bought the stool below at another garage sale (for $2) and decided to redo it at the same time.

I decided to paint both of them a nice robins egg blue.

After painting, I distressed the nightstand slightly with some sandpaper.

I was planning on replacing the hardware but when I took it off I realized it was covering a couple of holes, so I decided to stick with the same handle. 
It actually has grown on me and I like it now, especially with the new color.

Both the nightstand and the stool have made their way into S's new room. 
She really likes having a place to set her water and books at night as well as the help to get up on her bed.

On a sidenote: The quilt on her new bed was made by me. 
But not recently, I actually made that in Highschool for home ec. class, neat huh? 
Glad to be able to use it in my little girls room.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. LOOOOVE this - and you scored that table for a buck??? FANTASTIC! Love the Tiffany blue accent color that you used...it's my new favorite color. :)

  2. For the smell in the dresser try charcoals and newspaper. Lay the news paper in and then the charcoals and leave thm for a few days or maybe a week. U could try wiping them out with white vinegar or lemon juice also. Hopes this helps. Dovie


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