Thursday, February 7, 2013

Organized: the pantry

 In preparation for the big move (hopefully happening in the next week or so) I have been going through the house and organizing random stuff. My plan is that it can just be moved right over into whichever closet/drawer/shelf it needs to be in without having to really go through it again. 
Anyways I just had to share with you my new organized pantry!
(I had given a sneak peek in my insta-pics, but I wanted to share more.)
Although it will be perfected at the new place, I am just so happy with how it turned out! I used my cricut with the vinyl paper to label all my containers. It was so easy and looks great! (I used the Close to my Heart Art Philosophy cartridge)
Have a closer look.

The above containers I got at Dollarama and below I reused baby 'puff' containers (you know those really soft baby cereal snacks, we went through a ton). I had been using these unlabeled for the last 8 months or is sure nice to not have to look in every single one to find what I'm looking for!

The spice rack lazy suzanne was a wedding gift and the small jars on top are from Dollarama. The big serving platter (dubbing as my bread bowl) was a  wedding gift as well and I like it too much to have it stored somewhere for only special occasions. The glass containers with the stainless steel lids are also from Dollarama and the red containers are Tupperware.

Looking forward to seeing it all at the new house.

Happy Thursday!


  1. love the pantry and organizing great job!

  2. Thanks for the pantry tour! I LOVE all things organized...and your pantry is terrific!! :)


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