Sunday, February 3, 2013

insta-pics #43

1. I have a sweet new background on my computer, I don't think I'll ever change it. Want your own? Get free monogram images from Wedding Chicks.
2. I've been doing a lot of pre-move organizing. Post coming on Thursday featuring the pantry.
3. One of our many visits to the new house. The girls chillin in the cupboards. 
4. Poor little T was sick last week. I got a lot of cuddles in.
5. S is drawing people now and I think they are awesome!
6. Our niece came for a sleepover last weekend.
7. All three girls enjoyed playing outside in the nice weather we were having.
8. Blue eyes, rosie cheeks.
9. While shopping S spotted these adorable disney princess little people. Both girls still had some Christmas money left over so they got a set each. They are so stinkin' cute!

Happy Sunday!

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