Tuesday, February 5, 2013

lovin this.

In the mail a few weeks back I was pleasantly surprised to recieve a parcel I had been waiting for. 
You know how much I like Instagram (hence all the Insta-pics)...
 well there is a company who will take your Instagram photos and make really cool stuff with them. 
When I originally saw Little Pink Monsters post about Printstagram, I knew I had to order.
 I couldn't help myself!

I decided to order the tiny books. 
A group of three with 25 photos in each.
I picked 75 pics total and they were randomly put in each book.  Kind of a fun surprise to see which pictures were in each book. They have magnetic closure so they stay together nicely and since I don't want to lose them they are stuck on the fridge, bonus!

I also got this,

Awesome right?! 
I love looking at it and I can't wait to hang it up at the new place.
I titled the poster 'our year in pictures 2012'. 

So, have you found any thing lately that you love? Please share.

P.S. As for some fine print...This post was in no way sponsored by Printstagram or Social Print center. Just wanted to share something with you that I thought was super cool!

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  1. that is really cool. i love dynamic frames they have springs in the frames so u can overlap pictures :)


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