Sunday, February 10, 2013

insta-pics #44

1. Rice and Veggie burgers (adapted from this recipe) and an amazing salad using double crunch honey garlic chicken. YUM!  
2. I shared my instagram poster in Tuesdays post. I am so happy I got it!
3. The house is nearing completion. Our family has been slightly carpet deprived in the last couple houses so the girls love visiting daddy at work just to play on it.
4. Jello for dessert while out for a family supper. Messy yet worth it!
5. Bible study and coffee, a great way to start the day.
6. Another drawing by S.
7. A bit of silliness, 3D glasses are cool.
8. Miss Independent never needs any help when we are out walking. Last week she actually sat in a puddle rather than taking my hand to walk through it. She is such a character!
9. Happy mail day to me, got some new washi tape. Already made a project I'll share soon.

Speaking of projects, I haven't been doing to many these days (other than staining and painting for the house) but luckily I have some posts scheduled of some stuff that I had done a couple weeks back.
Happy Sunday!

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  1. Hello my friend! Love all the pics... hope I made your day ;)


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