Friday, January 18, 2013

Splash of Salmon

Well I've started with my new year motto of 'embrace color'... a bright salmon hanging for the wall. 
Check out the before and after below.

 I got the hanging at a garage sale for $2. I definitely had the idea to re-vamp it!
I took the rope off, painted two coats of the salmon color and used carbon paper to trace the letters on which I then painted white. A little bit of sand paper work to distress it a bit and it's a whole new sign.

I am glad I have this pop of color on the mantel and I am looking forward to hanging it in our new house. 
The only thing that bugs me now is the grammar...err, I realized after all the painting of the words that both 'everyday's should have been 'every day'. Two seperate words!!! Oh well I guess you can't win em all!
Happy Friday!

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  1. The sign looks are one talented gal to be able to paint those letters!!!!!


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