Monday, January 7, 2013

Egg Carton Snowmen

S and I did a spur of the moment winter craft during the holidays, making snowmen out of egg cartons. It was really simple and S enjoyed it a lot. 
I cut an egg carton into segments of long segments of three. Let S color on them with markers.

Then I ran and got googlie eyes, pipe cleaners, ribbon and buttons as well as my hot glue gun. S picked out three buttons for each snowman and I put a dab of glue on for each one and she pressed them down along with the eyes. She picked out the pipe cleaners for the arms. We finished them off by wrapping a piece of ribbon around their necks for scarves.

They turned out pretty cute. S was quite happy.

I was planning on having her giveaway three of them but she insisted that they be hung from the chandelier like our halloween toilet paper roll bats were. So up they went!

The Christmas decorations have all been taken down but our four lil snowmen remain. Both girls loves to watch them twirl around. A quick simple project for a chilly afternoon.

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  1. Sometimes our most fun crafts are the ones we come up with spur of the moment. These are so cute and look like so much fun. thanks for sharing on We Made That!

    1. I will be featuring this tomorrow, I just really love this whole project!

  2. What a fun project for pre-schoolers! I've seen where egg cartons have been used to make ladybugs, but not snowmen...gonna lift this great idea for sure! :)


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