Monday, January 28, 2013

Love me a good Kerr Jar

 I am naturally drawn to the Kerr jar. 
Funny enough when you are on the lookout for something it is usually hard to find. 
As for purchasing them at a store my mom was able to buy me a couple at Micheals but they were quite pricey. However, recently I have totally lucked out! I was able to get a few at Value Village (small ones for .25 cents each and large ones for .50 cents) as well as a couple from a garage sale facebook page. I was so happy.

 I've been able to use a couple around the house holding things such as sharpies and my makeup brushes.

I have three of them around my kitchen and living room  filled with coffee beans and a tealight.

 And I was finally able to do this DIY where you make your own soap dispenser!

A couple of them had Kerr written into the metal of the lid. I'm still trying to think what I could use these for. I think it's pretty neat.

Do you have any favorite jar DIY's if so, share them with me. I still have a couple left waiting to be used.

Happy Monday!

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  1. So cool... i like Kerr jars too.... the Kerr are like my " almost family!!"


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