Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bookshelf Bookmark (Free Printable)


 When I saw this idea and free printable over at Handmade Hezzahvife, I thought it was a perfect idea to help me with my new years goal of reading more. Thanks Heather! I already keep a reading journal (Nerd alert!) but I thought this would be a great visual reminder of what my list was looking like for the year. 
As you finish a book you simply write it in along the spine of one of the books on the shelf.
I just finished The Hobbit so I already wrote one in, yay!

This project couldn't be easier! Simply go over and get the free printable. Print it on cardstock and cut out. At this point you can either use as is or adhere to some pretty scrapbook paper (which is what I did). I also punched a hole at the top and added some ribbon.

And for those real keeners, the printable comes with a book shelf for the back as well. 
I'm not sure I'll get there but I figured dream big, haha.

Well one down, let's see how full my bookshelf will get!

P.S. Heather also made a super cute Viking plush, check it out if you're interested!

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  1. This is a great idea! After neglecting literature for WAY too long (being a full time student, wife and mom made it easy), I'm finally back in the game. It would also prevent me from picking up a book and going "did I read this?!" :) Found you through the hop...I look forward to reading more!


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