Friday, November 16, 2012

Why am I covered in Feathers?

 This is a scheduled post as I should be now hanging out with my sister and her lil ones. 
I have left my girlies (with my wonderful mother and father in law) and took a short plane ride to be with my mom and sis for the Breaking Dawn Pt.2 movie tonight! Yay! 
(Hubby has also went on a trip to Oklahoma to watch a couple hockey games and play golf with a friend, lucky guy!)
 Anyways I had a quick couple of minutes (literally) to share with you some cookies that I had made and have taken with me for the par-tay tonight. Aren't they cute?
 (I used the same recipe that I used for S's pirate cookies.)

...and just for fun, I saw that picmonkey offered a 'vampire' editing option for halloween. 
So I did up our group pic from the Eclipse movie night out. 
(Checkout my layout from that night HERE.)

Kinda freaky...but hey all in the name of Twilight!
So excited for tonight!

Happy Friday!

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  1. Looks like a really fun girls nite out! Love the cookies that you made for the cute! So, your hubby was in here in OK to play golf...what town(s) did he visit? The weather here has been really nice, perfect for outdoor sports/activities. :)


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