Sunday, November 11, 2012

insta-pics #35

1. The kids have been sick this past week, so this was an attempt to cheer up my lil girl.
2. Daddy throwing snowballs at the girls. They thought it was so funny!
3. On Thursday I shared with you some recipes I found through Pinterest. I tried another one, Biscuit Donuts. They are soooo good!
4. My great Auntie Charlotte made T another blankie out of the same yarn as the original. I am so excited to have a true back up. And it's smaller, so easier to lug around. Thanks Auntie!!
5. S planted a bean at Awana and it started to sprout this week. S kept singing 'Let it grow, let it grow' (a song from The Lorax movie) and sometimes 'Let it die, let it die' (also from the song).
6. She loves airplane rides.
7. A day later, beans really do grow fast!
8. It has been snowing so much, so I bought the girls each a shovel. S was quite excited to start working at snow removal.
9. Went out to dinner and a  movie with my friend Candace...everyone needs a girls night out!

Today is Remembrance day so please take a moment to remember all the brave men and women who fought for our freedom!
Happy Sunday!

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