Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Repurposed: Onesie

I meant to do this post before Halloween, but never got around to it. 
I figure this is not a Halloween specific project, so I still want to share it with you. 

I bought this cute stitched spider onesie for $2 with the intention of putting it in a frame (which I already had) for another piece of Halloween decor.

I was planning on actually cutting up the onesie and putting it in the frame (which I still might do) but for a quick fix I was able to wrap it around a piece of cardboard(cut to fit inside the frame), fold, and simply tape into place.

Not that pretty to look at from the back...but from the front it is exactly what I was hoping for! And it looked great on my Halloween mantel.

 Now I might have to go through the girls onesies that they have out grown and use this concept for some decorations in their rooms! So quick and Easy!

And lastly, just one more Halloween related pic, my sweeties ready to go 'trick or treat'ing.
They had an absolute blast!

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  1. You are so great at finding new life for old clothes, I love it!


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