Sunday, November 25, 2012

insta-pics #36

 Because I was gone last week (more about that in this post)  I never did an insta-pics post, 
so here is double the pics for ya!

1. Got the girls passport pictures taken.
2. My new business cards came in the mail, yay!
3. T got away from the breakfast table covered in oatmeal and shirtless, too cute, she was on the run!
4. Hubby and his friend checking in for their flight to Oklahoma.
5. Waiting for my connecting flight... enjoying a Chai Latte, chocolate pretzel, the Hobbit, and no children.
6. Got to visit this little cutie, my sweet niece. Also got to play with my nephew who is 2, such a blast. He is so funny.

7. Breaking Dawn night last friday night! Kind of sad that it is over. A quick pick of the Edwards showing off the cookies I made (I know I am a complete nerd, haha).
8. While shopping my sis and I bought each other slouchy hats (as our Christmas gift to each other), I have wanted one for awhile so I was pumped.
9. At Homesense we saw this awesome leopard print chair, I needed a pic! It made me think of Amy and her Super Chair....except this would be the luxury version!
10. Little diva joined us shopping.
11. Back home and running errands at Walmart came across the complete collection of Saved by the Bell. Didn't buy it but it is still so tempting.
12. My big girl fell asleep next to me last night while I was reading. She is getting so big.

Happy Sunday!

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