Sunday, October 28, 2012

insta-pics #33

1. S and I have been making halloween crafts this week. Here she is showing off a toilet paper roll bat which we hung from the chandelier.
2. Poor T has been climbing into things lately and most of the time gets stuck.
3. Came across this vintage felt set, and brought back memories as my sis and I had this exact set as kids.
4. The cutest lil piglet. note-just a cozy sweater not a halloween costume :)
5. Went to a church pie auction, this is the load we came home with. Two cupcakes, a Saskatoon berry pie, a carmel apple, and a tobelrone cheesecake. I have definitely taken in some calories...that cheesecake is delicious!
6. Remember I mentioned we had a halloween dance to go to last night. Well I was able to get some costumes done for hubby and I, more on that tomorrow. But here's a quick pic of me as Mother Gothel.

Happy Sunday!

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