Sunday, October 14, 2012

insta-pics #30 and #31

Yup, a double week!
 I missed last Sunday because I was at my parents house for Thanksgiving. 
I thought I would delay and post both weeks today. 

insta-pics #30

1. Found this awesome Ninja Turtles onesie in a consignment store(on the back it says 'Turtle Power!'). It was too little for T so I gave it to my niece!
2. Another gift for my niece, who I was able to cuddle on Thanksgiving.
3. I traveled alone with the girls (a 9 hour drive), this was at our lunch stop. Yay for Macdonald's Play Place!
4. While at my parents house, my sis and I pulled out our old Barbie collection for S. We didn't grow up playing with Ken...we had Dylan and Brandon from 90210! Lucky eh?

insta-pics #31

1. Arrived home to walls on our house...and snow (ugh).
2. Decorated for Halloween this week. Got these cute spiders from Winners (they are made out of bells/wire and covered in glitter).
3. T wearing my hat. She thought she was hilarious, haha.
4. I made some of this for supper on a snowy day.
5. S and I worked on a block house for snow white on Saturday. It turned out pretty sweet! ....and it's still standing, even after T has been around!
6. The inside of snow white's house.

Happy Sunday!

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