Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Colorful Pasta Beads

The other day the big girlie and I did a little craft during T's nap. We dyed dried pasta!
(With the intention of making necklaces of course!)
It was really easy to do and S had fun picking out the colors and shaking up the bags.
I used this tutorial offered at My Name is Snickerdoodle, and it worked really well.

 I had read on another blog to let them sit in the bags for a few minutes to let the colors absorb, so I did.
I also decided to let them dry in coffee filters so that the colors didn't get onto each other.

We did the dying early afternoon and I let the noodles dry until after supper.
Then she was able to start beading!

She had tons of fun and she is soo proud of her new necklace. She keeps saying 'I made it myself!'.

Hope you have a very blessed day!

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  1. What a happy little girl - you are such a terrific momma! :) Such a fun project!


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