Monday, October 29, 2012

A little 'Tangled': Mother Gothel and Flynn Rider Costumes

I did it! I managed to finish costumes for hubby and I in time for the halloween dance we went to on Saturday night. I started mine Friday afternoon during naptime, and finished hubbies 15 minutes before the dance started. Nothing like last minute crafting!
(I was running so late that the pics were taken after the dance, so they aren't great)

For my costume, I found a huge curtain at the thrift store that was the perfect color and pattern for Mother Gothels dress! I bought some gold ribbon at Walmart to outline the neckline and sash. (P.S. I didn't make the neck line dip to low since I was going to be dancing and lifting kids and such.) I tied on a cape and curled my hair (didn't want to spend the money on a wig).Tada, a Mother Gothel costume!

Ever since S knew she was going to be Rapunzel, she has been saying 'Daddy be Eugene!'.
So this was as close as I could get to Eugene/Flynn Rider:

For the record, I had a wig for hubby but poor little T just screamed every time he put it on. So a bald Eugene he was, haha. He did shave to match Eugene's goatee though, what a good sport! I bought a blue dress shirt at the thrift store and cut off the sleeves for the vest and he had pants that were close to the right color. I used one of hubby's leather belts and put on a felt piece to look like a bag. I also used brown felt to cover his pants and look like tall boots, he wore brown shoes.

...and yeah, T was the odd lion out!

We had a really fun night! And I felt truly in character since I was chasing around little Rapunzel and telling her to get back here and be careful of strangers, haha.  
Mother knows best,  right?

*Just in case you missed it, Check out the Rapunzel Costume Here!


  1. AWESOME!!! I'm sure hubby was kinda happy that T cried because of the wig!

  2. FABULOUS costumes - looks like a terrific time was had by all!! BTW...can't believe that you made your great costume from a curtain...once again you've totally amazed me with your creativity! :)


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