Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A little 'Tangled': Rapunzel Wig and Costume

 So it all started with a purple dress and a 3 year olds obsession with Rapunzel. I was planning on S being a princess and wear the dress (that I had got at a garage sale). But when I saw  This Mama Makes Stuff's  tutorial for a fabulous yarn Rapunzel wig(and Rapunzels dress is purple) I needed to do it! Of course I asked S if she would be willing to wear Rapunzel hair before going to all the work of making it, and she was totally excited about it!
I LOVE how it turned out, it is soooo stinkin' cuh-ute! 


I made the actual wig awhile ago and then kept it hidden until recently. I had to bring it out to do the braid while she was wearing it. She loved it! So it has been hard to keep from her ever since. (I don't want a ruined costume before halloween!) After braiding I attached the flowers, which definitely added the finishing touch.

 S will be carrying the frying pan while trick or treating, and holding it out to collect her candy. 
(Of course daddy will have a big bag to collect the loot and carry for her) 

 I was planning on T being Pascal, hubby being Flynn Rider (he is known as Eugene around here, I'm pretty sure S doesn't even know he is called Flynn,haha) and myself being Mother Gothel. 
 I have a lion costume that S wore two years ago that I just can't pass up. It is too adorable not to use again on T , who fits it perfectly. I also figured for trick or treating I didn't need to spend the money decking the whole family out in coordinating costumes.
We have recently found out that we will be going to a halloween family dance on Saturday. So I might bust my butt and make the costumes for me and hubby...poor T will be the odd Lion out... possibly.

*Update: Check out Mother Gothel and Flynn Rider Here!

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  1. The wig turned out great! And your daughter is adorable!

  2. You are amazing! that wig is perfect! How cute is She! I can't wait to see what everyone else will be!

  3. Awesome costume! That wig is gorgeous! I'd love for you to share this and any other crafts at my linky party, Submarine Sunday. I hope you'll stop by!


    1. I featured your Rapunzel wig & costume at Submarine Sunday #4. Come on over and grab a featured button!

      T'onna @ Navy Wifey Peters Aboard the USS Crafty


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