Sunday, March 11, 2012

Instapics #3

This weekend I'm actually attending another scrapbook retreat (I'm in desperate need to get caught up, scrap booking has taken the back burner lately). But I thought I would take a moment to post my instagrams from this week. I committed to doing this post every Sunday, I can't quit after two can I? Anyways here they are....

1. S helping mix up some pancake batter. (tutorial for her apron Here)
2. Last weekend we got major snow....around 16-17 inches!
3. The pile that hubby and I shoveled from our driveway, it was taller than me!
4. I bought Baby girl some new shoes for $3
5. We started potty training.....
6. Dug out one of my favorite hats that S used to wear, T was quite serious while wearing it!

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Love your Instapics Sunday Feature! WOW! You all got a BIG snow! After the crazy, record snowfalls that we received last winter, we've only gotten a dusting of snow one morning this winter. We didn't use any of our school snow days, so that means that we'll get out 5 days earlier than expected - WOOHOO!


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