Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Bag for Bags

 Although this project is a practical one I am a sucker for organization and if you can add fun fabric into the mix, I'm all game!

This is my 'recycling closet', which also holds my flour, bread machine, and my wheat mill (yup, I grind my own wheat for my whole wheat flour.... I also purchase flour as you can see in the pic....anyways.....).


 Consider yourself lucky for this picture was taken just days after a recycle run. Usually the blue bin is busting with shopping bags and the pile of egg cartons are up to the next shelf, as well as the stack of newspaper.
What brought on this project is that after my closet had been cleaned out a heap of bread bags still remained ( I save them to put my homemade bread in). I wanted to clean up the clutter, hence my bag for bags!

Wanna make one? It's easy peasy! 

Here's what you need:

- a fat quarter
- a sewing machine
- ribbon/string/shoelace etc.

Here's what you do:

1. Hem* two opposing sides, it doesn't really matter which. I chose to do the longer sides so my bag ended up being more short and fat, if you do the shorter sides it would be long and skinny.
*Your ribbon will be going through the hole so make sure it is thick enough.

2. Fold it in half bringing the two raw edges together (right sides together).  Sew together but start your stitch after the hem and finish before the hem leaving the openings for the ribbon to go through.

3. Feed your ribbon through the tube. (Hint: If you attach a safety pin to your ribbon it will make it easier to feed through) Grab both ends of the ribbon and pull and the fabric will gather together, get the opening to the size you would like and tie a knot. Repeat with the other side but finish with a loop of ribbon so it can be hung.

4. Your done! Stuff it with bags!

Now doesn't that look better!

A simple way to add a little cheer to a rather boring closet!

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  1. Nice, easy tutorial! These will be great in the camper, too. Might even have to make some smaller ones for "doggie duty."

    1. Thanks Dee! That's a fantastic idea to make one for the camper! I'll have to make another one,haha.


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